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    So I haven't been active really for the past year. What have I missed?
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    Mods that deserve Attention.

    Hey guys. So the basic idea of this thread is to give some new mods the attention that they deserve. Post any mod here. I am going to add a few rules to a thread. 1: Do not flame 2: Consider the mood of your post before you post it. 3: Dont stray off topic. I have one mod I would like to add...
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    Ryanjh5521's Mods [WiP] InfiBlocks ReWrite | Modern Edge Power Systems | Hopefully more to come!

    Ryanjh5521's mods [/spoiler] Yes the thread will be changed a few times before I move out of the WIP sub-forum. If you want to keep updated with any news on my mods, then follow my twitter
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    Pull request for Mindcrack

    Hello. So basically I think that Mindcrack should have Mystcraft added. So what do you guys think?