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    1 year anniversary

    Guess it's time to make one of these? I started playing modded in late 2012. I used to play strictly on SMP servers, but have not in a while. I'm fairly good at ingame market "games," I enjoy working with bees, and I'm only recently starting to dabble in magic mods. The other games I play...
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    Vanilla news vs. Modded minecraft news

    Recently posts regarding vanilla stuff have been singled out in the WNIMMCT thread. While I realize that it has "Modded Minecraft" in the title of the thread, I'm in the school of thought that it's much easier to get all of your what's new in one spot rather than...wherever. My personal...
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    extra smp security with AE

    not sure how many people play on pvp heavy servers. if so, somebody has probably already posted this, somewhere, but oh well. i was playing around in creative trying to figure out how to make my place a bit more secure on the server i play on. raiding is legal, forced pvp, but it is a towny...