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    RFC - Techtree for game progression

    Hello the next time our server restarts I'd like to limit myself the way i play. So i´m designing a tech tree that i will follow. It should be based around IC2 (just because i like to use the new version). --- some explanation why i want to do it, only read if interested --- My Problem is that...
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    Setting up a Server - the config work

    Hello, I run a small 8 player Minecraft Server for some friends and myself. Started a year ago with 1.4.x i worked my way through every config, documenting id range for every mod,... Hours of boring repetitive work. It worked out, i was keeping the mods updated but needed to check for every...
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    Custom Config

    Hello, i am currently running a self created server. Because i don't want to mess around with the configs anymore i'd like to run a ftb server. So i don't have to manage all ids and updates by myself. But i also like some thinks disabled on the server. So my questions. 1. If i disable a mod on...
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    What Mods keep Chunks loaded?

    I am trying to find out why our server lags every 30sek or so. The tps is ok at 20 and it takes around 23ms to process everything. But when the lag occurs the tps go down to 15 with 60 or more ms processing time.(Processor load is at 100% when it happens) So i wanted to find out what is...
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    Texturepacks, Optifine and Forge

    Hello, I would like to hear how other handle playing with texture packs and forge mods? My problem is i like to be up to date with the mods but mostly i'll have to wait for optifine to get updated with a new enough forge version. Are there any other tricks to get texture packs working without...
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    T5 Endermen Spawner but how to kill them

    Hello, I build myself a spawner but i can't get a good solution how to kill them. I tryed to - drop them down and kill them with the falling damage->some port away - Kill them with water but the port away really fast Any good way to get them all?
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    how to build automatic flax farm?

    Hello i would like to create an automatic flax farm but i can't get a good way of doing it. I have seen them build with deploys/block breakers and bone meal but i want it without extra resources. And they take long to grow so having hugh amounts of them and wait for them to grow is not that...
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    To much MJ to Store (Termal Expansion)

    I'm building a large power plant atm and stuck with one problem. actually i build 27 combustion engines to power the system...maybe expand it further. The energie should be stored in redstone energie cells. this are monitored and if full the system should switch off. It runs only if the energie...
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    Question: Railcraft Liquid Loader

    Hello, i'd like to move biomass via train to a big tank storage building. Everything is set up and working...except for one little detail i don't get. In the Liquid Loader is no option to hold the cart till it is full it seems. So if there is not enough biomass the cart is send right away with...
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    1.4.7 compatibility

    Hallo, i like to upgrade our server to the new released 1.4.7. Most mods should work as far as i know. But before testing it out myself or putting it on the life server i wan't to ask if someone encountered bugs when updating to the newest version. Btw. the forge version for 1.4.7 fixes the...
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    RP2 leaving X Stacks in Chest + 2 questions

    Hello, 1. I am looking for a way do leave on stack in an inventory and pumping the rest out. A Problem i got more than once. I mostly worked around it i think there must be a good not to complicated way of doing this. 2. Big problem for me is that rp does not know how many items are in the...
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    how to get Lava from the Nether with a bucket (automatic)?

    Hello, mystcraft for 1.4.6 is not working correctly right now so i like to get the lava from the nether to the over world. But i don't want to wast all my tin for capsules. I am testing all thinks that come to my mind but non works like i like them. i like to use a BC pump to get the lava from...