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    Need auto restart script

    Depending on OS "\r" would sometimes interpret different. Try "\n" instead or "\r\n". Don't know if it helps. Let me know :)
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    Can't reach to sever error

    Then it's probably something with the IPv4 flag you're setting in your bat-file. You're telling java only to use IPv4-networktraffic with that set to true. I'm not good at this settings though but you should try start FTB directly with default launcher as vanilla works fine this way. Edit...
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    Moving existing world into a mystcraft age.

    If you want the world-gen and spawn to work you'll need to alter the .dat file for the Mystage. As Arthahar stated otherwise you probably would end up on a block in nowhere far away from land.
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    Can't reach to sever error

    Haha! I blame myself then... :D Anyhow, as Meldiron stated it's something on your computer that is blocking the launcher. Are you using your bat-file testing on vanilla launcher aswell?
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    Can't reach to sever error

    Unfortuantly I deleted my post when I would have edited it. Sorry for assuming that you were setting upp a server. I were confused because this is posted in the Server Tech Support subject and didnt had time to re-read the post again. Your problem is a client issue and should be moved to...
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    Can't reach to sever error

    I may not gettings this right but why are you setting up one for your own if you want to connect to an already existing? What are the adress to the servers you want to connect to?
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    Can't reach to sever error

    It's still the same "Connection timout"-problem. :( Is there a chance that you edited the IP-adress option in the server.settings file?
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    Crash often FTB Magic pack "Exception in server tick loop"

    There is a way to temporary fix this and update to the latest Thaumcraft version on the server. You then have to distribute to all the clients that connects with that modpack version. You have to replace the modpack on the server and the clients. Download from...
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    Johnleys fast and easy Server Setup Guide.

    When you are in screen just type server commands plain as is. whitelist or stop Screen is running in background (detached) if you press Ctrl a+d. Recall the screen session with: screen -d -r ftb Anytime! Good that its working. :) Your backup folder may not be in your server folder. You now...
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    Multiecraft crash

    Consider update Java and to start up again see if the problem persists. Latest Java version ATM is 1.7 update 9.
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    Can't lure/breed animals with wheat!

    But that violate the first rule on the forum. "1. Be respectful..." :p I mean you must be respectful to all things not tossing them around with a gun. ;) (probably you laugh at the same time you're moving them too)
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    i have a server up and running but

    The above suggestion from b0bster would be perfect. Delete your current server files first. Be sure to extract all files from the compressed library. Do NOT select any files in the extract window.
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    Server Error

    Refer to this post. Cheers! :) Edit: You might have to move ic2 plugin to get in and destroy any machines you created to get the server up if the error persists. After that it should be okay to move ic2 back in.
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    Bukkit Version?

    I don't think this would do any better but isn't it better if we all making use of the search field at the top right corner before posting? :)
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    i have a server up and running but

    That's odd. And the mod versions are the same on the server comparable to the client even with a new install?
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    Can't reach to sever error

    Ok. I thought because your earlier post stated a Netgear router that you have both. My last suggestion is to contact Virgin Media and see if there is anything they might help you with the network. Hope you get more help that way. Good luck!
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    Can't reach to sever error

    I just reread the whole thread and discovered that you mentioned a netgear router. Have you tried to connect your computer directly to your Virgin Media Super Hub eliminate error with your netgear setup? Somehow you're getting blocked either by your ISP or by the router. I can't think of...
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    Server Issues - Outdated client

    Catkinisis: Are you really connecting to a FTB server? Because FTB uses minecraft version 1.4.2. If I'm not completely wrong. 1.4.4 is the new regular minecraft version not yet released in FTB.
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    i have a server up and running but

    You can always compare the version number on all the modpacks on your client and server. Or you just download the server files again and reinstall your client and make everything from scratch. That way it must work.
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    i have a server up and running but

    If you compare the NEI files in /server_folder/mods with clients /FTBBETAA/minecraft/mods are they the same version number? Also look at coremods folder that NotEnoughItems jar file is the same version number. If there is a mismatch copy the newer version over. Hope it will help. Edit: You...