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    Solved What is the best way to update your server?

    How do i update my server? Do i have to just download the new version redo all my op things and drag the world over? Or is it easier/harder? Thxs in advanced!
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    Another server related problem

    hi guys I have another server related problem. I am trying to setup a sever for direwolf20 1.7 modpack. Basically I made a network and set the ip to my ip in the file. I can connect to the server now. But my friends can't. They are connected to the hamachi server but when they...
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    Setting up server and was wondering...

    Hey guys just a quick question. Are the direwolf20 server files lauched with cauldron or do i have to do it myself?
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    Problem with Cursed Earth

    Hi guys so i am playing 1.7.10 on a private mod pack and I was trying to setup a cursed earth farm for mob essence. But i have a problem mobs arent spawning. I am on normal diffculty, and I tried hard and easy but it wont work. I was fine when i first did the ritual, mobs were spawning like mad...
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    Wierd error

    Does anyone else get this error? I would post the forge log but i cant find it anyhelp?Btw this is 1.7
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    1.7.2 Lets Play with Gregtech!

    Hi so today i am going to start my first picture through. :) lets get right into it. I cant give a mod list because i will upgrade to 1.7.10 this is in 1.7.2 atm. I will tell u that gregtech is in the pack though. I am using the soartex fanver TP atm. I will update this thread regularly. :) If...
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    Will magic world 2 get an update soon

    Hi I have been waiting for a long time for an update to magic world. I have updated all the mods myself. But I would like it if everybody would have an easier way. I am sorry if this sounds bad. Please I just want to know when the modpacks get updated thanks
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    Gregtech ftb hardmode config

    Hi guys i am playing monster and i installed gregtech but i wanted the recipes like machine blocks require steel and mfr hard recipes kind of like ftb unhinged is there any way some one would have this setup and could give me a link some examples like mmps geregtech thermal expansion requres...
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    How to get gregtech to work with tinkers con

    The title says it all this is in 1.6.4 please some body answer
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    Hey guys I made 3 audio files that will make most of the sound go away when you look something up in nei while having gregtech installed in 1.6.4. here is the link put the anvil sounds in your...
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    Mob Essence to exp

    So I heard you can turn mob essence into bottle'o'enchanting can somebody tell me, if not possible is there any way of turning essence into exp Thanks in Advance :D
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    Mini Map Doesnt Work

    How do I access the menu of the mini map in unleashed it doesn't work when I press M I need to set way points and it doesn't work
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    Ever wonderd what direwolf20 looks like

    Well I saw him at pax east also I found a video just for the curious here is the link he is talking standing next to Gudde from mindcrack
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    A question that will help everybody

    What levels are the best to strip mine for all different types of resources such as copper tin gold iron redsotne and stuff like that? (a spreadsheet would be nice) Thanks in advance
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    House decorating help

    Ok so just made a house and need to make it look better (its kinda brutal) I need your guys help up there are a few pics
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    Need some help with a m0d pack (resonant rise)

    So I posted this on the g+ page but couldn't find a solution so I was wondering if some body could help I think it is a problem with micro blocks but can't find a solution please help
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    DartCraft Question

    Hi I was wondering how do I make a bottle o enchanting I am using 152ngt and before there used to be a golwstone and redstone with a bottle recipe but now there is not so how do I make a bottle o enchanting I need it because I am trying to make a experience to to get some upgrade cores for my...
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    how to install forge to 1.6?

    How do I install forge and other mods like ic2 (it is update to 1.6) to 1.6
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    1.6 goning to be released 12:00 pt time

    Atleast that is what I read not exactly sure but anyway time to watch the forgecraft 2 for 1.6 and wait like a month after the update. Don't quote me on this but apperntly there is a new way to store textures something called "resource packs". They changed it because of the new mod update...
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    Awesome Fission Reactor setup (Resonant Rise)

    Ok guys I was fooling with the resonant rise m0dpack and I saw video about a fission reactor producing eu and I made 3 of them together here are some pics also at the end how much eu out put its pretty amazing As you can see I am getting 1650 eu/t I am going to try to build one of these in...