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    The Frozen Wastes [WIP][HQM][Magic/Exploration][Jampacked2]

    Hold fast to dreams. For when dreams go. Life is a barren field. Frozen with snow. This is a massive project I've been developing on for months now. With the announcement of Jampacked II it is time to begin real development. The modpack will be centered around AM2 & Botania. However a lot of...
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    [1.7.10] Back to the Basics [Tech] [Magic] [Coffee]

    There was a time in modded MC. A time when everything was simple and basic. A time when your decision was what mattered the most. Do I take the route of magic and forgo the plane of technology? Or do I become a technological master! But before we can have these questions answered. We need to go...
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    Streaming the new Ampz 1.5.2 Pack

    Greetings! Salutations.....WHO THE GLORIOUS EFF ARE YOU CREEPY STALKER PEOPLE!!!.... ahem... Come for the fun enjoy the conversations. More or less be ready for laughter. I shall RULE THIS WORLD!!!
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    Open Server MinecraftSMP Ampz-1.4.7 Open Cracked 50 slot server No Lag

    Want fun with little limitation on items? Fun to do as you please? You can even make your own deity and try to get others to worship it. We also use a plugin called Simpleclans to allow for the forming of factions. There is zero grief protection except at spawn. Our difficulty is Hardmode...
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    I'm either incredibly lucky or something

    So yes. My first days in FTB. OUTSIDE OF NUKING THINGS TO SHIT IN CREATIVE. I typed in a very random seed. I didn't expect much really. I figured it was going to be just like everyone dreaded. I would be put in a frozen wasteland or worse a forest full of fir trees. No I get a meadows with 2...
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    Do not click. Insanity lies underneath

    Salutations and all that annoying jazz BAH! PHOOEY! Enough with formalities!!! Hello everyone. The name is Nanakisan but you may simply call me Don or Nana if you don't want to say my whole username. Some information about me. Name: Donald Sargeant Age: 25 Mental State: Totally deranged with...