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    looking for a forever stranded: lost souls server

    i only work 3 days a week so my gameplay time is little high then normal ppl
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    looking for a forever stranded: lost souls server

    Just looking for a chill minded group of people playing this pack. prefer 18+
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    Right, have that thought my account might gotten deleted over time lol welcome back or semi back lol
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    Horizons III Release

    Good Sir from what i heard "XXXX" is unstable and also does not fit the theme of the pack :rolleyes: woooot...... well i didnt get the first post so i guess i can least be the first woot expert mode pack soon hype?
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    March News

    ^^^^^ what this guy says
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    March News

    congration to the Content Creator winners. beyond hype woooot
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    February News

    woooooot FTB Beyond finger crossed comes out soon
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    [1.7.10][Public] MechanicalTitan Pack

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    Jampacked: We have a winner | Material Energy^3

    BOOO i wanted running red to win lol.. congrats @parcel31u it is a solid and fun pack
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    [1.6.4] Running Red v1.1.4 [Jam-Packed][Hardcore][Magic][RPG][Good as Crash Landing!]

    how you fill the water can with blood?
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    FTB Ultimate Comeback...?

    Sounds great. hope the survival test goes quicker then few weeks...:D
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    Update on the Future of FTB Modpacks in 1.7

    Now that's the best thing i read on here... Thank you
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    Would you build this?

    with the over 50% being yes.. you when you think this well be in?
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    Would you build this?

    This guy needs to make a mod
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    Right But thanks for the information any ways... was not sure as they last active from him on anything was back in august.
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    anyone seen any news on if its coming out for 1.6+? From what i seen its been three to four mouths sits Andrew2448 posted anything.
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    little early for my timezone but merry Christmas to you too

    little early for my timezone but merry Christmas to you too
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    [BETA] Skyblock Unleashed Faithful [ Update 8/8/13]

    how the map going?
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    What do you guys think of soul shards 2?

    yea i agree with the 128 blocks idea, also a little boost in speed would not hurt either. for the simple fact you have to spend pretty decent amount of time getting spawners to break and some mobs need 5 to make one. so a little speed and block radios would not hurt.