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    Casual Server GrumpyCraft Dark Trilogy 1.0.7 | GriefPrevention | US Hosted

    GrumpyCraft Dark Trilogy 1.0.7 GriefPrevention Midwest US Hosted Teamspeak at We are a small community who have been hosting servers for quite a while. We aren't interested in nickle-and-diming anyone for donations, but wish to build a tight-knit...
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    Open Server GrumpyCraft 1.7.10 | Direwolf20 1.0.1 | Towny | Morphs | US Hosted | Dedicated Hardware

    Rather than waste your time with a bunch of fluff, here's the rundown: IP: Specs: 128Gb Samsung Pro Series SSD i7 3770K Overclocked at 4.0Ghz 32Gb DDR3 Ram 1600 2Tb backup drive (backups every 30 minutes) Dedicated, self owned, colocated hardware - no VPS mumbo jumbo...
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    Open Server Huge Community | Leading US Providers of Horizons | Huge community, great staff, prompt customer service. We run our community for you. GriefPrevention | Vote Rewards | We own our hardware | We host our hardware We develop custom plugins and are consistently researching methods of improvement...
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    Open Server | MagicFarm2 1.6.4 | GriefPrevention | 20tps

    Join and play: Pro community. We'd love to have you as part of it too! Check out our other servers.
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    Open Server DW20 1.6.4 | Massive Community | Most stable | One of the first up Running on Xeon 1275v3, 32GB, PRO SSDs. We are also running a horizons server at Massive community, constant updates, stable gameplay. Least lag. Guaranteed! Visit our site at
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    Open Server GrumpyCraft Horizons | Best Community | Most Players | GriefPrevention | Vote Rewards The FIRST Horizons server online. Large, active community. Pro server. Pro admins. 1275v3 Xeon Processor running at 3.6Ghz 32Gb DDR3 ECC RAM SSDs running in RAID. Thanks for playing. We look forward to having you as part of our community.
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    Open Server FTB Horizons Server 1.6.4 | Griefprevention | Vote Rewards | Pro Staff

    FTB Horizons 1.6.4 server up. IP: Connect up and play. Pro staff, pro server.
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    Open Server Unleashed 1.1.3 / Project Red / GregTech / All Extra Mods is now live with Unleashed 1.1.3 / RedPower / GregTech / Biomes-o-Plenty and More. Follow these instructions to install and join: Open your FTB Launcher. Click Edit Mod Pack. Enable all mods from the right-hand column. Then, to install Red Power and GregTech. Visit...
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    Open Server FTB 1.1.3 +++ Extra Mods! | MINIMAL BANNED ITEMS*. GriefPrevention. No Griefing. No PvP. No Cheating. Vote rewards. Minigames. Shops. Staffed by IT professionals. Professionally hosted. Intel Xeon e3 1275v2 3.9GHz / 32 Gb Ram / Solid State Drives in RAID configuration! WE HAVE REGULAR AS WELL AS...
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    FTB Block logging

    Hello, Has anyone had any success with a block logging program and FTB. I have heard people adapting their block databases to work with FTB. If anyone has a preconstructed database file it would be greatly appreciated. GrumpyCraft
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    LWC with BukkitForge MC 1.4.7

    Has anyone had any luck using LWC with BukkitForge?