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    Looking for community server mods

    So I was thinking of starting a youtube series in my native language (Portuguese) and I though about using only mods that have a huge efasis on community, so community project mods. So sometime ago I remember seeing a comment about a mod, if im not mistaken at the mod update thread by...
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    GenesisTour RR Edition

    Hello my name is Genesis and I invite you all to see my Resonant Rise lets play on the OTE Gamers RR1 server. Here is the link for my first episode , but I really think you should skip the boring parts and get to my episode 4 , and here it is...
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    Help cleaning up the config pls

    Im trying to make a private pack to make a let's play on youtube, the problem is that I can't seem to solve all the item id conflicts and make only one type of copper, tin, etc spawn. I was wondering if anyone could spend some time helping me. Thank you for the attencion. The link for the rar...
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    Mekanism Energy Cubes

    Well, to start I would like to hear your opinions on these wonderfull blocks. For seconds, I would like to know if any of you know a way to detect if they are full, empty or can store energy, as I can use the bc gates, bu they don´t detect properly. Thanks
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    Applied energistics crash on custom server

    Hello, I have recently aquired a server and was putting mods on it, it runs mcpc+, and while I was adding and testing mods applied energistics gave me a crash. it is on 1.5.2.
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    Strange error with xycraft tanks

    here's the log.