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    Bug DW20 1.10 Crash and unloadable world due to Error from ExtraUtilities2 with EnderIO

    I have a crash on my DW20 1.10 world making it unloadable it seems to be due to an error from an ExtraUtilities2 block trying to update an neighbor EnderIO block/conduit.. i can't figure out how to fix this. any help is welcome. the crash report goes as follow...
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    D20 1.10 - EnderIO Sag Mill Sound

    Hello, is there a way to disable or lower the sound of the EnderIO sagmill? at this stage, i just want to peacefully hang out in my base without the constant noise . Lowering the Blocks volume or using a Muffler does temper with sounds from other blocks . any other ideas? configuration?
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    Starting differently..

    Hello, i would like to restart a new world with D20 1.7.10. However each time i do that, i find myself doing the same start .. mining, TE, then lava, then quarry.. then steam boiler... AE... Same things i've been doing on any mod pack for the last two years.. i use other mods, but just on the...
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    Performance in the next pack?

    Since the 1.5 introduced an important improvement to performance and FPS, in vanilla, do you have any information about whether it will also improve fps for FTB future packs? was there any material enhancement? A broader question would also be, what are performance improvements coming in the...
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    more than one IDSU "network"?

    Hello, silly question may be: is it possbiel to have more than one IDSU "network" per player? is there a way to disbale or workaround this restriction? thanks
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    Locate lag?

    Hello, i encounter a huge lag in my base.. i go from 90+ fps in the world to 6-12 fps in my base. i'm on ultimate pack, no texture packs and run with optifine (with minimal particles and tiny redering distance..) i don't have so much stuff running : basically AE storage and crafting, 30...
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    Still want to play vanilla?

    Can you still play vanilla? to avoid mis understading i reword: Still want to play vanilla?
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    Ressources for a fusion reactor plant

    Hello guys, this is the first time i plan to build a fusion reactor plan, as automatised as possible. Now i know the ressources necessary to build the reactor, and it's pretty grazy. i think i'm ok with it (thank...
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    any sky mods?

    Hello guys, i'm looking for mods that could add some sky world/dimension, something nice and pleasant to discover. I'm tired of desolate fairy worlds. i'm tired of desolate and fiery worlds.. thanks!
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    Huge castle in the twilight forest?

    Hello, i ran into a enormous castle in the twilight forest, a bit brown/orange.. it is way bigger than lich castles.. Any idea about what it is? thanks
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    Rails breaking in Steve's Carts tree farm

    Hello, I made a classic Steve's carts tree farm with a cart with a coal en and the wood cutter (and side chests obvisouly). it works fine. Hovever, each day (IRL) , i find the cart stuck , because a rail is broken. I'm playing on a server, I suspected it might be griefing or trolling but...
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    How to change Iridium texture

    Hello, I would like to know how to change the texture of a block like iridium. It''s really difficult to recognize it.. thanks