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    Looking for Co-Owner/Partner/Staff

    MC FTB INFINITY SERVER (for PC) Hello, I am LT. Sa'kier. I have been playing FTB Infinity since I purchased Minecraft. I am sorry to say I have never actually played vanilla Minecraft. I have spent hundreds of hours (since Feb. 2015 when I have...
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    Starting new server: Looking for co-owner

    Not sure if this is the right place to post. Looking for someone who knows how to set things up and maintain them. I will take care of all the cost of the server. Looking for someone who has previous experience, and will be able to setup everything once the server is ready. The server will be...
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    Ender Quarry in Twlight

    So.. this is weird.. and i have had 2 other in the server with me that have been playing this mod for a very long time. I place the ender quarry, place the ender marker in front. and one down the x and one down teh y the quarry likes this and sucessfully establishes the permitier. next i...