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    Whitelist Server Incepticraft - A modded minecraft server community

    Incepticraft is a privately owned modded minecraft server community. Main website At the moment we have 3 different modpacks set up on our servers with 64 gb of ram in total Incepticraft Oldschool - Direwolf20 pack 1.7.10 (FTB Launcher) - Whitelisted - IP-...
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    Annoying Crash Report

    Hey, I have been building a mod pack for a server. An crash report has come up and I have been having problems with it. I usually can figure these things out but not this one. Am I just being blind and missing something obvious? Here is the pastebin link :)
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    Testing HQM Map-It is not complete

    Hello, This is my new HQM map "Buried at Sea" It is currently in EARLY alpha only download if you are willing to run into, and report bugs (this includes broken quests, major spelling mistakes, over powered rewards, and unbalanced aspects of the map in general) ATM i only have a few quests done...