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    Mekanism, how to get a crusher to suck items out of a chest on top?

    I do not believe that is a possibility unless the chest itself has a output interface on it. I've been playing for mekanism for a while now and from what I understand, they will output to a chest at the end of a machine with no problem. But I do not think there is a way to do the reverse. Though...
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    a player kills the TPS on a server??

    The only thing I can think of is that it might be Pneumaticraft. Though after you mentioned it was DW20, I fear that might be the issue. Many people have been having huge FPS drops from the pack recently.
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    a player kills the TPS on a server??

    Have you run an inspection of his base? If so does it have the same problems as when he is not on the server? After a player wipe, does he re-craft all the items that were lost? Or does he store them and just retrieve them? There are quite a few factors I can think of that might be the...
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    a player kills the TPS on a server??

    I am not sure if I am reading that correctly. Though it seems there is either a few worlds always loaded, or dr_hawk is spam traveling between dimensions.
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    Agrarian Skys help, venting, and discussion thread

    Well firstly, spawning in silverwood trees will not help bring the biome back. You want ethereal blooms, they convert taint and eeire area back into their respective biomes. As for the nodes in a sliverwood tree, you may jar them just like every other node. You just jar up around the log with...
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    Resolution doesn't work for me

    I think the feature just might not work, I have tried several times myself to get it to change the resolution when it starts up with no luck. What I have been doing, which is manual. Is just dragging from a corner :/.
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    They should be able to spawn in any cold biome as long as there are snow blocks, the full blocks, not the small covers that happen when it snows.
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    AS Nether Quartz

    A barrel of witch water + one piece of sand = 1 soul sand. The soul sand can be sifted for things from the nether, this includes quartz.
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    Rubber saplings changing.

    This is why I mentioned the damage value in my initial post. Anything after that is up to the users discretion.
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    Rubber saplings changing.

    It's a bug.
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    Rubber saplings changing.

    Check the damage value. If it is :8 then it is just a regular rubber sapling. If it is :1, then you are in a world of hurt if you grow it.
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    Agrarian Skies - Mariculture - Fish breeding problems

    Try making it one block taller, I've found that making them four high is the fix. At least for me, if that does not work then I do not know.
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    Whitelist Server nFernalGaming | Monster 1.0.11 | Whitelist | Dedicated | Mumble

    1. In-Game (MC) Name:Jackoffripper 2. Age:28 3. How many times have you been banned? 0 4. What is your favorite book and why would you recommend it? I can not say I am the biggest of book readers. Though if I had to pick a novel to recommend it would have to be Abhorsen by Garth Nix. It's a tale...
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    Unsupported Direwolf 20: 1.6.4 {PUBLIC BETA}

    I was able to find the crash report if it'll help.
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    Unsupported Direwolf 20: 1.6.4 {PUBLIC BETA}

    Pack: Direwolf20 1.6.4 Mod: Forestry There seems to be a world corrupting bug within the mods themselves. Hooking a Squeezer up to a Fermenter to feed it liquid honey and turn honeydew into short mead and feeding it into a resonant tank, the game will crash and the world seems to be no longer...
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    Whitelist Server Gordontech|DW20(Always up to date)|Mature (18+)|Whitelist|NO LAG!|Only MC+Forge|Everything Unlocked

    It is not. Its quite a bit out, it is in a red wood natura tree in a magic biome with a cobble mob spawner and cow farm outside of it.
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    Whitelist Server Gordontech|DW20(Always up to date)|Mature (18+)|Whitelist|NO LAG!|Only MC+Forge|Everything Unlocked

    Does it have a cow farm and cobblestone mob spawner next to a natura redwood?
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    Whitelist Server Gordontech|DW20(Always up to date)|Mature (18+)|Whitelist|NO LAG!|Only MC+Forge|Everything Unlocked

    Can we get me out of the forsaken mystcraft world already? It's been far to long with no response. I need my character data deleted so that I may re spawn within the over world >.<.