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  1. wangmauler

    Problem FTB Infinity 1.7 Server Crash at start [Win10]

    When trying to start a brand new server after installing The Newest Server Installer for FTB Infinity Evolved, I'm getting a few different errors in my crashlog, all similar and it seems random which one it chooses. I'm not sure why/how to fix this. Sometimes EnderIO shows no problems and there...
  2. wangmauler

    Solved [WORKAROUND] FTB Infinity 1.7 Server Installer Error: "Unable to Access Jarfile nogui"

    This error prevents the installation of a FTB Infinity Evolved server. I'm not sure of a way to get around this...This can be recreated by following these steps: 1. Head to the FTB Infinity Evolved server download page at: 2...
  3. wangmauler

    FTB Infinity Evolved Apiculture not working?

    Hey all. I Just installed FTB Infinity Evolved with Twitch on a fresh install of windows, and made a local singleplayer game, and there are beehives, but no bees flying around? I've looked at dozens of hives but even when I destroy them (haven't made a scoop yet), there are no swarms of bees...
  4. wangmauler

    Can't create 1.8.0 Revelation Server

    Title Can't create 1.8.0 Revelation Server Launcher Type Server Modpack Revelation Modpack version 1.8.0 Have you modified the pack? No Link to log file Details of the issue Hey all - I'm trying to create a server for a few of my buddies that want to play FTB Revelations. I'm running the...
  5. wangmauler

    Adding old style Phased Teleport Pipes into FTB Unleashed

    Hey all. I need some help: I run a small FTB Unleashed server, no extra mods, all stock, latest updates from FTB. I want to add the old style Phased Teleport Pipes. I've tried adding the "additionalpipes-2.1.3" jar, but the server and client both crash. Not sure I'm doing it wrong or not, but...
  6. wangmauler

    Lava Placer (how to automatically put lava on the ground)

    Okay. Basically, I want to make an obsidian farm, with just Feed the Beast(unleashed), without any other addons that I have to add. I saw there is a way to use redstone, but you have to enable the option (not going to happen). So what I need, is some way to have something automated (a machine...
  7. wangmauler

    How to make/find bowstring

    Google failed at this, and nothing in these fourms helped(no topics about it), So I'm asking how to make bowstring. Thanks d00dz. BTW I'm running FTB unleashed(newest)