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    Whitelist Server (Closed) Singularity|Infinity 1.0.1|Whitelist|Age 16+. Now with Bunnies!

    * What is your In Game Name (IGN, case sensitive)? smash090 Age 24 * Do you come with someone else that you probably won't join if they aren't whitelisted too (e.g. girlfriend, building partner - note that they will need to make their own application as well)? no * What is your play style...
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    Whitelist Server nullCraft | Direwolf20 lastest | No banned item | dedicated server | TS | 17+

    IGN: smash090 Age(or answer "are you 17+?"): 24 What is your knowledge about mods/ftb: Have been playing since the first direwolf pack How often will you be online: Fairly often at least once a day Extra: enjoy playing with thaumcraft and witchery
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    Casual Server New Small Server Agrarian Skies 18+ Looking for Co-op

    Im 23 about to be done with finals week. Have access to hamachi and skype and would love to do a small agrarian skies coop. Im in USA Central Time Zone. ask if yoiu have any questions. Username is smash090
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    Whitelist Server DireWolf20 1.0.21 | small whitelist server | 6 gb ram | new Map | teamspeak

    Name: Cody Murphy Minecraft name:smash090 Age: 23 What are you planning to do on this server? : Bees! and building and magic How Long have you been playing Minecraft FTB? (Beginners are definitely welcome, this is just me being curious) : Since first direwolf pack How much time will you be able...
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    Whitelist Server Mineguild Network

    IGN: smash090 - Age:23 - Have you played on other modded servers before?:yes I have - Since when are you playing modded minecraft?: Since direwolf pack first came out last year
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    Whitelist Server Choppercraft - Direwolf20 1.6 - Whitelist - 20-30 Players

    IGN:smash090 Age:23 Country:USA Sex:male Reason for Joining;looking for a server to play on with other people that are active and respectful of peoples buildings How will you contribute:knowledglable of ftb and work well with thaumcraft and things like that Have you been Banned:no i have not
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    Whitelist Server OldmenCraft Direwolf20 1.5 V2 1.1.3|Whitelist|Adult 25+|8 gig|20 slots bukkit

    IGN:smash090 -Age:24 -Location:United States -And a little information about yourself. Just out of school and working alot will be able to be on some during the days mostly in the afternoons- evenings.
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    Whitelist Server Wow-craft no disabled mods dw20 1.1.4

    ign smash090 age 23 have you been ban before and why No why do you want to join: Looking for a sserver that has a good amount of active people to play with because Its more fun to play with others.
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    Whitelist Server LiveActionTheBeast|Direwolf20 1.1.3|Whitelist|Biomes Enabled

    In Game Name: smash090 Age:23 Play Style:Relaxed Like to play with the different mods What can you add to the community: Will be able to help people with thaumcraft and bees (which I love to play with) Gerbil!!!!!!!!!
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    Whitelist Server DW20 AdabbonCraft | 50+ Slots | No Lag | Streamers | Little Restrictions | TeamSpeak3

    REAL Name: Cody Murphy - Age:23 - MC Username: smash090 - How often can you play: about everyday for a few hours or more a day - Experience with FTB: since direwolf pack first came out - Other servers you played on: Penguincraft and Eiracraft - Do you Stream/Youtube:no -- If so whats your...
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    Whitelist Server Stonecraft: FTB Direwolf20 1.5 v2 (v1.1.3)

    -IGN: smash090 -Why you want to play on our server: Seems like a server with a good amount of actual active people who all want to play together do stuff! -Anything else you want to add: Have been playing FTB since direwolf pack first came out. enjoy playing on servers with mods
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    Whitelist Server Yay! FTB! | UPDATED Direwolf20 Beta 1.5.2 | Whitelist

    InGame Name: smash090 Age: 23 Do You Understand the Rules And Abide By Them [Y/N]:y Have You Ever Been Banned?no What is the most convoluted, strange thing you've made in FTB? sorting room that would auto sort my whole quarry foresty mulitfarms and restock them and my bees Experience With FTB...
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    Whitelist Server [Direwolf20 Server][Whitelisted]

    Minecraft Name:smash090 Experience: 2 years minecraft ftb since it started! Also lots of expierence with bees and thaumcraft Ban History never
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    Whitelist Server EiraCraft | Direwolf20 1.5.2 | Whitelist | Teamspeak | 18+

    Hey smash090 (minecraft name as well) here been playing ftb since the 1.4.6 dw20 pack was released. Favorite stuff to build is the bees stuff and working with them also thaumcraft. I am 23 years old and have a mic to use with team speak. The last server i was one was just with a group of friends...
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    Casual Server The Underground Server [15 Slots][Direwolf20 1.6.4 (v1.0.0)][White-list][PvE]

    IGN: smash090 Age: 22 Experience with mods: about a year. played lots of moded minecraft since last summer. Banned y/n: no Why ^: What else would you like to say: Would love to play on a good server and make friends and help people work with mods when they cannot figure things out. Also playing...
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    Ultimate Pack version 1.00 crashes on startup

    Thanks All that seems to have fixed it! and just curious what does the change install folder to C:\FTB\ help with?
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    Ultimate Pack version 1.00 crashes on startup

    Here is the Pastebin. Thanks for checking it out!
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    Ultimate Pack version 1.00 crashes on startup

    Here is the log right before the crash.
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    Ultimate Pack version 1.00 crashes on startup

    Updated to Ultimate Pack and anytime it loads the game crashes before right after the Mojang screen. Anyone else getting this problem?