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    Fermenter to Still Ratio?

    I know that Biomass converts to biofuel at a 33% ratio, and my workshop has plenty of biomass but not enough biofuel. What is the best amount of stills per fermenter?
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    TechWorld Pack seems kind of pointless.

    I thought it would be interesting to discuss the new Tech World Pack in Feed the Beast. I may be wrong, but the only difference I see is that it takes away a few mods that are not strictly technical (EnderStorage, Extra Bees) in exchange for gravity gun and charge pads. Seems useless compared to...
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    Buildcraft... Advertisement?

    So I was browsing youtube to educate myself on Universal Electricity when I noticed in the top right, where they put all the ads I never want to click on, there was an advertisement for Buildcraft! It looks extremely shady, as it was flashing and said "DOWNLOAD BUILDCRAFT FREE NOW!" but it was...
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    Possible to change biomes?

    I've been looking for interesting ways to generate power in my current survival world, and I decided to use Solar Turbines (Advanced Generators for IC2) and Buildcraft Solar Collectors (Advanced Power Systems for BC). Both these generators get a boost while in the desert, so is there a way to...
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    Although this is not nearly as many levels deep as you can go with all the bags in FTB, it's some pretty handy everyday bagception:
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    I've found the fabled holy Planks of Sengir...

    So I've seen some mention of "holy planks of sengir" around various forums but never assumed they were a real thing. Imagine my surprise when I found this... My life's goal is to craft them. Then... there will be blood. EDIT: I believe Gregtech adds them, for reasons I can't possibly fathom.
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    Funny Screenshot Thread!

    A thread to post funny screenshots you've taken while playing FTB. To start, I found possibly the most horrific spawner I've ever seen
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    Show Off Your Cool Creations!

    I know what you're thinking. ANOTHER "post your _____" thread? Yes. Anyways, show off any large machines/systems/piping monstrosities. I'll start with my my Enderman Death-O-Matic: It works by using a Tier 5 Soul Shards Enderman spawner in a 12x5x12 box with quicksand on the third block up. The...
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    1.4.6 and 1.4.7 Compatibility

    I've seen the question of mod versions for 1.4.7 being usable in 1.4.6 many times and I thought I should answer it. YES. You can use 1.4.7 mods on a 1.4.6 version of Minecraft. 1.4.6 players can connect to 1.4.7 servers too, etc. that is all.
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    How do YOU organize?

    I usually have a chest room early on with labels on the chests, such as metals and ores, cobble and dirt, BC and Forestry etc., then I move on to a huge Factorization barrel room later in the game. What do you guys have?
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    Source of FTB Music?

    I've been sitting with FTB open just because I like the music on the title screen. Does anyone know where the FTB staff got the music from?
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    MCEdit Alternative to Move Base

    I'm sure everyone knows MCEdit murders mod blocks that have ids it doesn't like, but I need to move my base onto another world. Does anyone know an alternative that I could use to sort of copy paste my base into another save? Thanks in advance.
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    Post your Forestry Farm Power Sources!

    I've been experimenting with the new ways of making BC power for Forestry machines (Bluelectric Engine in particular) so I wanted to see what the rest of you came up with! Post pics of your forestry farms and how they are powered :D Here's mine: The bluelectric engine is producing more power...
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    Thermionic Fabricator Automation?

    I've been hooking up my buildcraft machines to my power grid via power pipes and iron OR gates. The gates send a red pipe signal if the Has Work condition is fulfilled (I believe this condition comes from Extra Bees, which I have in.) The red pipe signal triggers a redstone signal on my engines...
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    Uses for Eggs?

    Now I just built a barn. In this barn, there is a chicken coop, with a speedy wooden golem and LOTS of chickens. I'm getting more eggs than I know what to do with, so does anyone have an idea for what I could use them for? It seems wasteful to just plop them into a recycler and I don't need any...