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  1. Kyle98750

    A few questions from someone who is learning to mod

    So recently I have decided that I would like to start modding Minecraft and I decided I would start where it seemed logical; Pahimar's Let's Mod Reboot series. This was going fantastic until it well...ended (not really, Pahimar just isn't prioritizing it for very good reasons.) Anyway, Those...
  2. Kyle98750

    Nether Quartz harvesting as ore?

    I am currently playing a modpack I threw together and it works as well and good but I have one (potential) issue. Nether quartz harvests as the ore block despite not having silk touch. I don't know if this is a mod feature or a bug. Has anyone else experienced this?, Is it a feature of a mod...
  3. Kyle98750

    1.0.2: Cant Craft Certain Items

    Version: 1.0.2 What is the bug: I tried to craft some magical wood and the output isn't even showing up in the crafting table, I tried the vanilla one as well with no luck. Same for the enderium dust. Pictures for reference: Mod & Version: log: Can it be...
  4. Kyle98750

    [1.7.10] Amalgamate Technomancy - V2 New Idea, Same Pack [Gregtech, Hardmode] (95 Mods)

    "Minecraft Mods are like elements on the periodic table; they are the building blocks of creation. It is up to the modpack creators to twist or form these elements into an amalgamation with stronger properties than the original element. Yet one must remember that there is no bronze without tin...
  5. Kyle98750

    Direwolf20 Pack Base

    I rather recently made a thread about how I was going to make a new base but then got carried away with making my power plant look nice and sexy. Well now I have a almost finished version of the base I was creating. I believe the pictures explain it all for this one:
  6. Kyle98750

    ReactorCraft Pebble Bed Power Plant

    So earlier today I decided that I needed a new base. I decided I would use my reactor age; a single endstone island in a seemingly endless ice wasteland. I thought it would make for an interesting build that and I kind of like minecraft snow. I find it rather peaceful. That aside I began...