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    What are the Worst crimes you have done in FTB

    I'm planing to put up a server for my self and some friends soon and I'm half thinking about creating an insta kill trap at world spawn before "opening" the server, that or making several in secret and on 4/1 changing everyone's location to their own personal kill trap.
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    Texture pack for Direwolf20?

    The Summerfeilds works pretty well as well, just know that its not complete and doesn't like Dynamos as of then 12/11/13 version.
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    [32x] Summerfields [1.5.2][1.6.4][WIP] ** Updated 07/24/14 **

    Just so you know the current version (dec 11, 2013) doesn't like Thermal Expansions Dynamos very much. I've already replaced the entire folder with one from another modpack so I can't give a SS but the entire thing was black and red.
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    Mods I added to DW20 1.6.4 (and work!)

    I've put in v0.10.6 of Small Boats w/o any issues, though I've yet to build a Hoy.
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    Windows .exe IOException on Login Attempt

    Just updated to 1.3, and even after a clean install with the /roaming/ftblauncher directory blownaway and re-created the IOException error is persisting. Just did some testing while mointering connections, and near as I can tell the FTB launcher is trying to connect to while the...
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    Windows .exe IOException on Login Attempt

    It is,yes. edit:Texture packs and maps are downloading fine so the issues seems to be the launcher won't/can't connect to Mojang's servers.
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    Windows .exe IOException on Login Attempt

    Operating System, bit type: Windows 8 x64 Java version/update, bit type: v7 u45 x64 Launcher version: 1.2.9 Completed the troubleshooting guide (y/n): y Console log, link: Description of the Issue: FTB Launcher throws IOException when I hit launch, but...
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    Windows .exe IOException on Login Attempt

    No dice, still getting IOException, link is the extended pastebin log from this attempt
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    Windows .exe IOException on Login Attempt

    Just tried it, and nothing changed I still get the IOException with no reason why login failed.
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    Windows .exe IOException on Login Attempt

    I have the latest version of the launcher from the site, but when I go to login it Gives an IOException Error. What I've tried so far: Win 7 Compatabilty Mode Running as an Adminstrator Copying Password from text file to both FTB and Vanilla launchers to confirm it works, and Vanilla worked...
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    AE ate my diamonds :(

    With it deleting part of a build order it could seem like it has, but its lacking resources and the order is till there. To check on this pop on a crafting monitor but be aware that adding it will delete the order due the second reason the order might have vanished-any change to the network...
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    Automated Alveary with Applied Energistics?

    Not sure how to fully go AE with bees, but my current setup has wooden pipe->apiarist's pipe set to but the bees back into the alveary and send items down the line with AE only hooked up the the centrifuge at the end. Works well and I've got princesses approaching 500 generations in captivity...
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    [MindCrack] Forestry Mutator Block for Alveary?

    I'm not having that issue b0bst3r, my Alvearys with rain shields seem to be working fine generation to generation.
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    Oh yeah, and nay of the Dragonriders of Pern books written entirely by Anne McCaffrey.
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    Anything in the Enderverse by Orson Scott Card(Ender's Game, Ender in Exile, Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide, Children of the Mind, Ender's Shadow, Shadow of the Hegemon, Shadow Puppets, Shadow of the Giant, Shadows in Flight)
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    Bee Breeding: A Few Questions

    4.Purifiying bees is done by repeatedly breeding bees together that have the same trait as hybrid and repeating until that trait is pure ie you'd breed a common/cultivated with a common/cultivated repeatedly until you got a pure princess and drone and then over several more generations the other...
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    How to setup a simple windmill farm

    Are these IC2 or Redpower windmills? IC2 windmills need a 3x3 area around them to be clear of anything and work best above level 80. Obviously you need a power cable so that's going to take a small hit to max power generation, as for power tin (ultra low voltage cable) is your best bet but...
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    [64x]Nobody's Pack [1.9.3][16w20a]

    This is vary nice looking from pictures. I'm going to be changing my server over to Ultimate soon and I've been looking for a new texture pack to go along with it so far this is my far the leader.
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    How to increase ram for ftb?

    If you want to use more then 1GB of ram you need the 64bit version of Java and a 64 bit operating system.
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    Hitting that end game wall

    Might take a few in progress pics next time I work on it, mostly just a wool outline of the central frame and a portion of the main body along with the end cones.