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    Looking for a massive light source?

    *yoink* great idea!
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    Thermal Expansion & Open Blocks clash?

    I think it does is Botania is installed? (could be a different mod, but I know I have been getting seeds or pearls from Enderman lately).
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    Everyone seems to forget he's still in school, so I don't think Xycraft is his utmost priority - though it would be cool if it gets some kind of release for 1.7.
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    So, Engineers Toolbox

    The photoreactors take some tinkering w/ to figure out the input/output setting, it's easy to pipe water into the wrong slot.
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    Elevatorblock limit

    Monster has engineer's toolbox right? I believe that has a pretty neat elevator setup - check Emasher's youtube vid.
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    Funny April Fools MC Stuff

    Hmmm... did anyone notice villagers humming to songs today?... I swear they didn't do that before.
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    Fun with Factorization Servos

    This is awesome, thanks for posting this up. Was trying out servos awhile back but couldn't really wrap it around my head, this post really helps.
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    Help? How to update *MONSTER* server from 1.05 to 1.09 (Recommended)

    Did you remember to re-op yourself?
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    Ardite and Cobalt Ores won't smelt? Tinker's Construct..

    You can also triple cobalt output with the TE induction smelter + cinnabar.
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    OpenBlocks 1.2.2

    Negative, vanilla textures. All the other colors paint on fine.
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    OpenBlocks 1.2.2

    Mikee, does white paint work on stone blocks at all? I notice they are 'painted' on the minimap and take longer to break than unpainted blocks (which tells me they are painted) but they don't look different.
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    [1.7.10] Engineer's Toolbox - Now with programmable sockets!

    Well, its the BC golden transport pipes - not the TE3 itemducts (have yet to try those!)... I'm using the latest version of Emasher's mods. Dave, I tried your algae farm setup and I find that every time the server reset, the golden transport pipes will not reconnect, but luckily the socket...
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    [1.7.10] Engineer's Toolbox - Now with programmable sockets!

    Sorry, I wasn't clear, the energy pipes I understand because of the MJ adaptor. It's the item pipes that are not connecting properly to the sockets.
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    [1.7.10] Engineer's Toolbox - Now with programmable sockets!

    Not sure if its a bug, TE conduits seems to have trouble 'connecting' to a socket face. I find that I often need to break the conduits and place them again for them to connect properly. Also, seems like BC pipes are not working properly on sockets after a server reset (I'm using golden...
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    OpenBlocks 1.2.2

    Hey Mikee, thanks for a great mod! Have you considered giving us a way to 'command' the luggage to stay still?
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    Thermal Expansion 3.0!!! No More Beta! Thanks KL!

    Did you try to configure which side of the LEC to output energy? Also, leadstone conduits only transfer 40rf/t iirc.
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    [1.7.10] Engineer's Toolbox - Now with programmable sockets!

    For the energy input/output info in NEI, it still says it can accept MJ/EU. Might want to update that. I have been having a lot of fun trying to build power net controllers and storage w/ the new update. It seems to play well with a number of other mods.
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    [1.7.10] Engineer's Toolbox - Now with programmable sockets!

    Dave does an awesome job covering some of the basics of using sockets in this youtube video. Thanks, I'll update soon and try it out.
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    [1.7.10] Engineer's Toolbox - Now with programmable sockets!

    Thanks for the quick reply, I think I'm still using a slightly older version so the MJ/EU conversion is still working for me. But I think I get the concept now, it's just a little difficult at the beginning to figure out whether I can do ALL of it on a single socket. KirinDave: would be...
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    [1.7.10] Engineer's Toolbox - Now with programmable sockets!

    Hey Emasher, I really like your mod. However, its a little difficult to understand how the interactions between the faces of module interact and the remote isn't entirely intuitive to use (I read your wiki and is still a bit confused). For example, if I have use your energy storage to convert EU...