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    Open 2.4.2: 2.5.0: Crash + dupe when placing Forestry Carpenter

    Version: 2.4.2 What is the bug: Just placed a Carpenter and the game crashed. Upon loading the world again, the carpenter was duped (placed + still exists in inventory). No subsequent crashes. Mod & Version: Forestry log...
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    Launcher 1.4.1: "Auto-Maximized" is broken

    The new version of the launcher no longer automatically maximizes the minecraft window (tested with Monster 1.1.2).
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    Minor bug caused by update to 1.03.14

    I updated the launcher from 1.3.9 to 1.03.14 (latest), and whenever I open it, the modpack list scrolls almost all the way down, so I have to scroll up to reach the new packs. I launched 2 different packs and the problem still isn't fixed, it always starts at the same place on the list but...