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    Open Server ForgeFields - FTB Mini-Games server [Wand Spleef, Skywars]

    Unleashed 1.1.7 - First ever FTB Mini games server! Allow us to introduce ourselves: We're the team behind ForgeFields, a brand new FeedTheBeast modpack mini-game hub. We've spent countless hours and consumed unhealthy amounts of coffee in order to bring to you some...
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    Forge Fields - Need map builders

    Forge Fields is a new Minecraft "Hub" style server network that will deliver Feed the Beast flavoured mini games to players all over the world. Forge Fields will run monthly tournaments and league tables in each of the game types that we support and our aim is to keep expanding these game types...
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    Just so people know...

    As you maybe seen recently there has been a fair few hours of downtime, I am not going to explain why myself but you can read why over here. Rob
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    Theme update

    Hello, So you may have noticed a small change with how the forums looks, Over the last day or two I have been cleaning up a few areas and fixing a few problems. If there are any major problems please let me know and I’ll have a look at fixing them. Rob.
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    Information for this area.

    This area has been set up so that admin's and owners can post and discuss some of the follow topics if they have a server already running. This forum is about tips and tricks, not asking how to. - Configs - Fixes - Improvements - Hardware and anything else server tech related. DO NOT use...
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    A talk with Azanor about the upcoming Thaumcraft 3

    From Slowpokes Youtube channel here is an hour long talk with Azanor.