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    [1.6.4] Factions' End [JamPacked] [RPG] [HQM] [Dimensions] [Stuff]

    The main idea for this pack originated from a comment on a reddit thread about what's missing from the modded minecraft scene and somebody responded with what (imo) is like the best idea for a map ever. Instead of making the map progress linearly, like in that reddit comment, there are 3 main...
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    Troubles with Minetweaker

    K so this is for JamPacked and I've been trying (and failing) to add some recipes for the tinker's construct bushes. My attempt at trying to make iron oreberry bush recipe: #ID dictionary IronBush = <1485:8>; ExpBush = <1486:9>; Iron = <265>; #Berry Bushes recipe.addShapelss(IronBush...