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    [1.7.10][Exploring][HQM] The Explorer v.0.1.0 (BETA)

    The Explorer Hate mining? Love new lands? Like the thrill of exploration and loots? The explorer is a modpack, where ressources cannot be mined out of the ground. Your only way to gain ressources and survive is by exploring many new world gen, like one of the many dungeons present in this...
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    1.7.10 - Creative Building - A modded village

    Hey everyone! Today, I got bored, like usual. I than decided to start doing a modded village on a small personal pack, playing in creative. I spawned in on a small bumpy island, which got flattened quite fast, thanks to bound tools! I got the very first house build up today. Trying to go for...
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    Request/Seeking: Forestry tweaker and Dungeon mod

    Hey everyone! For a modpack I am preparing, I am looking for two mods who could do the following: Change/Add Combs producer and output product for Forestry and Extra Bee A dungeon mod that will spawn in a void world (Ex nihilo void FYI) Anyone got ideas or could help me out? Thanks!
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    [1.7.10][Tech][Skyblock][HQM] Spinning Up

    Like to play with tech mods, especially RotaryCraft? Also like the difficulty of a skyblock but love dying, even more? Well, might want to try Spinning Up! FORGOT TO ADD THE MAP FOR 0.0.2! USE THE 0.0.1 MAP! Or the map in alternate download :) This modpack is in 1.7.10 and will (soon) NOW...
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    Gregtech veins - How to find them?

    Soooo, I have been finnaly starting bronze age in gregtech and now, I am stuck to find 2 diamonds for a macerator... Anyone has tips to find those required diamonds? I can't seem to find them by exploring lower caves system, I bet there is a trick :p Oh and another question: do tin (and...
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    Laser based lap timer

    Hola! I am looking to possibly buy a laser based lap timer for indoor skating. I need it to be centralized and possibly sending it's data directly on an computer (by usb or bluetooth). I need it to be able to recognize about 10 different skater on the same track,each having separated data...
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    [1.7.10] [HQM,Hardcore] The ButterFlutter - 0.0.1

    Don't you love skyblock, but hate Ex Nihilo's ressources generation? Love to play with bee's? Want a different gameplay? Well here is a modpack for you! The ButterFlutter is a modpack, similar to Agrarian Skies in term of gameplay, but in an harder version and without sieve or barrels! To...
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    SFM+Blood magic, Auto Alchemy!

    Hello! I watched this last DW20 video where he wondered how the hell can I automate alchemy with a single ritual? Well I did! It's quite complicated and will take you 2-10 mins of coding, depending if you remember which chest does what or not :3 This is actually very simple (or not). It...
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    HQM 1.7.10

    Hola! I've seen a new feature while putting my 1.7.10 hqm pack together called reputation. Anyone figure out how it works yet? Also, I am trying to make the book detect a certain type of drone bee (common, for the info). I tried every type of detection and everything other the precise lets...
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    Modpack idea - The butterflutter

    Sooooooo, after having a lot of funs in AgS, BnB and crash landing, and reading the running red thread, I got an idea! BETA TESTERS ETA: Between sept 15th and 20th BETA RELEASE ETA: 7 to 14 days after I would like too develop a modpack based around bee's for ressources. You would start in a...
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    Crash Landing, help, venting and discussion!

    Since @DrowElf didn't do one yet, here is a thread too share advice on the crash landing modpack by @Iskandar ! Here are a few too start with :) Water and Food related -The sapping sapling quest can be completed by putting a water bottle into the transposer -Water in camel pack is better then...
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    Pneumaticraft: Why do you hate me!

    So, I am playing crash landing (1.1.2 for info) and I ran into a problem. The pressure chamber interface won't drop item into the pressure chamber! Here is my setup: note that they are transfer node pulling stuff in and out usually (Pulling stuff out works well) Any...
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    1.7.10 sieving (Ex nihilo)

    Hola! I started a world recently (not a skyblock but still using ex nihilo) and I am trying to set up and auto-sieving. I tried autonomous activator but it did not work D: For the records, I am using SolitaryCraft on the ATLauncher Anyone knows another mood that can simulate a right click...
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    Launcher, unable to download private pack

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with the ftb launcher. I cannot write anything in the popup windows from the pack codes. Actually, I don't even see the full window from it, only a part of it. Anyone knows a fix for it? Thanks!
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    XU pipes, quick question

    Hola! Was wondering if there is any way to separate the connection between two pipes from XU WITHOUT USING COVERS! If so, please let me know :D Thanks!
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    Reactorcraft turbine problem

    Ok so I am playing on monster 1.1.2 with dragon api 23d, reactorcraft 23c and rotarycraft 23b (why ftb team why). I am having some problem with my turbine running. Every 1-5 seconds, the whole setup (including the dynamometer and the induction generator do a 90° turn while creating a good ton...
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    RoC boring machine

    Hola! I am having problem with my setup of boring machine. After either a server restart or leaving the chunk not loaded by a player (it is chunk loaded, not sure exactly which one makes it) it stops. It keeps on draining power but not ressources coming in... My current setup is...
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    ReactorCraft Tritium

    Hello! I started to play with reactorcraft and after a good explosion while trying to get some tritium. So I was wondering if anyone got a good setup to make some tritium? One that can be scaleable would be the best, but any design would do it! -Mad
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    Roguelike Dungeon, or my new house!

    After a few days on a server, playing on an abandoned mystcraft island world, I decided to go hunt for a new place to live. I end up falling on a roguelike dungeon an went: why not live here? After a good 8 hours to rebuild it like a new one, patching holes, remaking the walls from level 1 to...
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    Ex nihilo and ex aliquo hammer's

    Hey! I got a good idea for fortune hammers but had a question about them. What enchants can be applied on them? And for futur items, where can I get the info? Thanks!