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    Thoughts / opinions on Vintage Story?

    Hello there everyone! So I've came across this game recently and I was wondering how aware the community is about it and what opinions do people, especially modders have about it? And yeah, have a discussion and sign some spotlight onto it. Now I know, MC clones don't really have a good...
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    Request Someone please save this mod!

    Hello everyone! Not sure if I'm posting in the right thread, if not, please excuse me. I just want to draw some attention to the Progression mod ( ) which is quite well made in my opinion, yet the dev stopped working on it, but offers to hand...
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    Request Looking for mod suggestions

    Hello everyone! So I used to make some private modpacks back in the day, and now I'm jumping on it once again. But got some very specific tasks in mind, and I've kind of lost track on things during the break, so I would like some suggestions for some specific tasks. You see, the whole idea for...
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    Searching for a camera mod

    Hello everyone! I'm searching for a mod that allows the filming of timelapses but does not utilize the players viewport. (Like CamStudio once was. (I mean my pc/wallet can only support so much instances/accounts.)) That is all, thank you! ^^
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    Request Suggest mods for creation here

    I’d also like to make a suggestion!
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    Altered UE series for those who don't mind the accent

    Hello everyone! Title says it all, here you go! ^^: Modlist: