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    Do we know anything about FTB Beyond?

    Do we know anything about FTB Beyond other than it should be out this month? Main things I'd like to know: - Is there a mod list yet? - Do we know if they are using AE2 or Refined Storage? My gut says AE2 but considering a recent poll had 59% of people preferring Refined Storage who knows? -...
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    Nothing came of this? 4 days later, no updates or any new information about it?
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    Ingeous Extruder > JABBA Barrel

    I had my Igneous Extruder making cobble and putting it into a Jabba Barrel. Now it doesn't, no matter what I try. Put a chest in the barrels place, works fine, put even an empty barrel there, and nothing. Tried breaking the block multiple times. What gives? Any idea why it's not working now?
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    Tinker's weapons/tools still taking durability with flux capacitors?

    Never experienced this before, is it some expert config on FTB Infinity?? It seems like ~5% or so of the damage goes to the weapon and the rest goes to the flux capacitor. I just had to repair my enderium tools, which was pretty costly. They never lost their charge.
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    Infinity Evolved.. What is this mod?

    That causes biome change popups in the top right corner? Thanks.
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    Request Add AE2Stuff to Infinity?

    AE2Stuff: This mod is a must have for me after playing Resonate Rise with it. It's very lightweight, and only adds 3 blocks. Assuming you also update BDlib, it works flawlessly in FTB Infinity based in my testing. It allows you to make an...
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    Thaumcraft. The best and worst mod in existence.

    My love/hate with this mod knows no bounds. I've probably fully researched the thaumonomicon 40-50 times over the years and I'm sick of it. I've scanned my chest's contents hundreds of times, and i'm sick of it. - I've tried enabling easy mode recipes but that just leads to needing way too much...
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    FTB Infinity, Draconium + ExtraTIC

    I melted down some Draconium to make some tinker's tools, NEI shows them but the liquids won't pour into the cast. Any idea? Running 1.8.2.
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    Blood Altar Tier 6.. how?

    Finding a serious lack of documentation for this. Can anyone link me a video and/or guide that explains step by step how to go from T5 to T6? Thanks!
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    How many of you play with keepInventory on?

    Honestly, I can't play without it anymore. Even with gravestones, it can be very annoying to recover your stuff and sometimes impossible. Minecraft can be buggy at times, you can fall into the void or get knocked into a lava ocean making recovering your gravestone a very lengthy process. Some...
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    Help with creativity.. Am I doomed to 9x9s?

    I am not a creative person, I generally power through the mods with my 9x9 stone brick square houses. I'd like to change that because getting only 30 hours out of worlds isn't very appealing. I want more than infinite power and infinite materials. The problem is.. I just don't even know where...
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    Thaumcraft "warps" making screen go black

    For some reason, certain Thaumcraft "warps" cause my entire screen to go black instead of just the edges. What I mean by warps is the thing that makes the edges of the screen go dark and the heart beat sound plays. There is no way to fix it, not even restarting minecraft or my computer. The only...
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    Ender IO's ME Conduits + Import/Export buses

    I can't seem to get my Ender IO's ME Conduits + Import/Export buses to connect. How does one filter/autocraft/etc with AE when using Ender IO's ME Conduits? Thanks.
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    Can someone tell me what mod this is?

    It's a mod that shows a gold border on some hunger icons. It doesn't blend well with my texture pack. If you look at the video posted, he has 3 "gold" food, and a grid like pattern behind his hunger. What mod is that?
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    Looking to make a new 1.7 server but...

    There doesn't appear to be many options. I have 3 main requirements: - 1.7.10 - Lots of mods - Combined Sphax texture pack exists (Lazy, want to just jump in...) I believe there is a RR 1.7 pack, but I doubting it's very stable yet and there doesn't appear to be a texture pack compiled for it...
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    Covering AE Cables

    Is there anyway to do it? Forge Microblocks stick out from them, and BC Facades don't seem to have chisel textures.
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    Ars Magica help?

    This mod is huge... and I'm having some issues. Mainly leveling, and up to date guides on spell creation. Every how-to video I watch is a player casting a fireball or similar low level skill a couple times to get to level 4-5. Their burnout rarely increases, and they can cast them every few...
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    Keep a chest stocked with X items at all times

    I'm trying to do something that *seems* simple but I can't figure it out. I'm trying to feed nonstop coal and leaves to create Herba for Thaumcraft. My main storage is AE. I set up a tesseract, set up a precision export bus to it, and set it to pull those two items. Only one item sends, I assume...
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    How do some of you play this game without breaks?

    I love this game, but whenever I make a new world I put about 30-40 hours into it and then I can't stand the game for the next 6+ months. I can't imagine how someone like DW20 keeps himself playing on a daily basis. My process is generally: - I start the world, go immediately into double ores...
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    Bound Armor question (Blood Magic)

    After creation, are you able to add things like Demon Blood Shards and other sigils, or do you have to completely remake the armor? It seems like a lot of LP is needed to make the set, not to mention the Weaker Blood Shard farming. It'll take hours, and lot of that will probably be sitting at...