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    This theme makes the previous "bright" theme look dark

    I like the new features, but please... color choice, gentlemen. It is of importance.
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    Werewolf Graveyard & Newly Maintained Moderation Queue

    OTHER WEREWOLF THREADS Original Werewolf Moderator Queue (Previously Maintained by Eunomiac, Maintained by Me) Role List (Previously Maintained by Me, Currently Maintained by Exedra) THE GRAVEYARD Werewolf Games that have been deleted Games that haven't started Games that have started Games that...
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    "Butler! Chop my water! It's far too solid to drink!" ....."Sir, I froze it into an ice cube and sawed it in half with a chainsaw" A fantastic forum game that isn't here, but should be. You must ask the person beneath you to do an impossible task. In turn, they post saying how they finished...
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    1.6.2 folder structure?

    I'm waiting for 1.6.2 to come out to update my resource pack, but I have no idea what the modded folder skeleton looks like. Has anyone done this yet?
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    The thaumostatic harness officially blows MPS out of the water in terms of speed and maneuverability

    There is now a reason to go down the magic route rather than the tech route.
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    Speedwolf Round 1 - Simplicity Edition! Some things that weren't mentioned in the signup thread: One player has a bomb, and another player has a blessing. The werewolves may target each other. If the two of them can't decide on who to kill, a...
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    Speedwolf Round 1 - Simplicity Edition! - Signup

    INFORMATION That's a link. You should click it. MINIMUM 9 PLAYERS! MAXIMUM 9 PLAYERS! I introduce to you, Speedwolf. Like werewolf, but designed for smaller amounts of players and much faster games.
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    I think it would be best if I stopped using AE for a few months

    I got bored. That is all. Don't ever waste your time building something this big block by block.
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    Werewolf Round 4 - Dishonored Edition! - Signup - DELAYED - NEED 2-5 MORE PEOPLE

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    Werewolf Global Role Dictionary

    Here's a dictionary containing a bunch of new roles. I'll make more documents as time goes by so roles that are created aren't lost. New roles Editing Allowed New roles Dishonored themed roles Editing Allowed Dishonored themed roles Goreae's Roles Editing Allowed Goreae's Roles A giant...
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    Protip: Take off your armor when you aren't using it.

    Or this happens.
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    CORE 16x16 1.6.2 Resource Pack

    This is not a fun resource pack. This is a painful resource pack. You will be taunted by eye sores, color supernovas, and demon cows. You have been warned. A 16x16 1.6.2 resource pack I made in 3 days for ModJam. Results: (Permission to the document has been denied. It was a tie...
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    Just paste whatever's in your clipboard. Obviously don't post it if it's a link to an NSFW site. Put down why it's in your clipboard, if you can remember. I'll kick it off: convenience I spelled it convience, and it looked off to me. I Googled it quickly and copied it.
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    Storybook Romance Vol. 2

    This is like the original storybook romance thread, but it's slightly different. Read this quote. What's in the quote has been modified to an extent, so even if you already know the rules, I suggest you take a look at it. Good? Good. Now let's begin. (Also, I have an idea for a Storybook...
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    Stuttering at 60-90 FPS?

    This has been bugging me for a while, and it's only happens on modded Minecraft. I'm looking at F3, and it's telling me that I have 60-90 FPS. When I try to move my mouse around, it lags, and when I walk, I stutter. It's not server lag, I know that, but it shouldn't be happening if I'm at an...
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    Why are all light sources free, except for illuminators?

    I know most people hate illuminators for their power usage, and that most people use XyCraft or RP2 lamps because they look nice. I used to have the same ideas. But honestly, after setting up a system using illuminators, I can say that they aren't that bad at all. Here's a setup using...
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    Ars Magica Book Documentation (Now with 2% less glitchy text!)

    I noticed how hard it is to read the books from Ars Magica since they appear in a tiny little box of text and it's annoying to keep flipping the page and ruining the immersion. So I started a documentation of them. Currently I only have the first two books, if you feel the need you can...
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    Can't climb ladders?

    So I just put up a bunch of ladders and I've just now realized that I can't climb them for some reason. This happened to me before, but it was easily fixed with a relog. Now it won't go away. I'm currently using CustomNPCs and nothing else. No smart moving. I'm in survival and the server...
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    Out of memory (when I'm giving it 2G of ram)?

    I'm running a 78-mod resonant-rise-like-1.5.2-terribly-unstable modpack. It seems to work fine now that I've deleted forestry because forestry likes to hoard 256 item IDs for each of it's items, but now I've run into another problem. I'm using MultiMC, and when I launch Minecraft it's...
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    NEI vs TMI (current 1.5.2 versions)

    So, this has recently come to mind, after being forced to use TMI because NEI wasn't showing items due to a glitch with my build of IC2. What's the difference between the two? NEI was made... for what reason? TMI was always compatible with forge. TMI already did what NEI went out to do. NEI...