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    Thaumcraft Crimson Rites book question

    So at this point I've done all the research except that which is associated with the Crimson Rites book. The book tells me it's currently disabled and I don't get the Opening the Eye research note. How do you enable the book to get the research? I can't find it in my server configs.
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    Eldritch Guardian question.

    So my (in)sanity is completely maxed out and I have not been attacked by Eldritch guardians. Am I doing something wron?
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    Thaumcraft essentia reservoir question

    So been using 5 of these on my thaum setup, but a few of the have the same types of essential in them. I can't figure out how to consolidate the essential so that matching types in each reservoir are together. Pipes don't seem to work. Help?
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    Need help with Thaumium Fortress armor

    Aha thanks. I thought something was missing
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    Need help with Thaumium Fortress armor

    Hey guys been doing a load of Thaumcraft on the latest version of DW20 and the only thing I'm missive get besides TT Kami stuff is the Thaumium Fortress armor. I can't seem to figure out how to unlock the research for this. Any suggests?
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    Whitelist Server Skyward Gaming | 1.7.10 Direwolf20 | Dedicated 24/7 Uptime | 18+ No Drama

    IGN: Valastro Age: 30 Experience with FTB/Modded Minecraft: I've played DW20 since 1.5 Playstyle: Relaxed. I just like having fun. What is your favorite mod?: Thaumcraft. I've put a spell.....I nevermind... What is the main rule?: Let's see, I think it was "Use common sense." I wish...
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    Whitelist Server VanityMC | Direwolf20 | Whitelisted | Grief Prevention | Mature | Events | Parkour | TS3 | No Lag

    In Game Name: Valastro Age: 29 Country: usa New to mods: No About yourself: Not much to tell. I enjoy gaming, and hanging out in Minecraft. I'm an admin on another server and just looking for a place to play without having to worry about everything else from time to time. Will you be on our...
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    Casual Server Crash Landing Server play

    Hey, I'm in CST. I've played Crashing Land since it came out, and agree that it is getting quite boring playing alone. I've made it quite far in my single player world.
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    [Public Pack] EPiCCRAFT 1.0.x {Progression}{Survival}

    Hey guys, I'm finding a problem trying to make any kind of nexus. I can't seem to find the White Chalk for the Light Nexus or the Blue Chalk for the Neutral Nexus? The only chalk I can find is called Wizard's Chalk. Any suggestions?
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    Whitelist Server Heart Craft -1.6.4 Direwolf20 - Whitelisted |18+| Mature Community | 24/7 |New Map

    IGN : Valastro AGE : 29 Skype : rwhitl1084 How Long have you been playing Minecraft FTB? : A year and a half How much time will you be able to spend on the server? : I can spend at least 3 -4 hours a day (sometimes it's much longer) Will you be able to get along with people in the server? : Yes...
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    Whitelist Server Incepticraft Oldschool - 1.0.25 - Whitelisted - Recent Map Reset AND New Host! - Close Community!

    Minecraft InGameName: Valastro Age: 29 How active you will be: At least 3 - 4 hours daily Why you want to join: I'm tired of being on servers that I get griefed on. I just had this happen to me last night, and I lost everything. Can't find an admin to help, which is rather disappointing. Have...
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    Whitelist Server Blockcasa Private Minecraft Community | [Direwolf20 (v1.0.19)] | [Whitelisted] | [Mature 18+]

    Hey I filled out your form! My IGN is Valastro, can't wait to play with you all.
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    Whitelist Server *NEW WORLD* ComplexCraft | DireWolf20 1.0.23| WhiteList | 24/7 | No Lag | Very Friendly | No Bans |

    IGN: Valastro Age : 29 Minecraft Expertise: I've played FTB for a year. I've been working on Ars Magica 2 (which is awesome) and I am pretty good at Thaumcraft. Why you want to join : Just trying to find a good stable server one which I can join people who like to just have fun.
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    Help with Ars Magica 2

    I figured it out. I was using the wrong spell power after all. I feel really stupid about it now. Then again, when trying out a new mod, you will do stupid stuff from time to time. Life forgetting that a mana battery needs a redstone signal and then spending 30 minutes trying to figure out...
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    Help with Ars Magica 2

    You can tell by the shape of the moon right? I swear mine is a cresent moon. I'll double check. If I have problems I'll reply again. Thanks for the help
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    Help with Ars Magica 2

    Hey guys, I need some help. I just started playing DW20 on FTB and decided to do some Ars Magica stuff. So I built a Crafting Altar to make my first spell. I made it out of nether brick and redstone blocks. Everything works great, which is what I expected....EXCEPT for the spell. So I crafted...
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    Horizons 1.0.9 and Monster 1.0.3

    Is anyone else having problems getting the Monster modpack to load? I get to the Mojang logo and it just shuts down.
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    Whitelist Server New ftb Horizons Server Nolag | pure ftb (no plugins) | PVE & PVP

    mine-craft user name: Valastro age: 29 Do you accept the rules (yes/no): Yes have you ever been banned: Never banned On a side note, I look forward to being on a fun server, so I do hope I get accepted.
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    Whitelist Server Panda Craft| Ftb Horizons 1.0.7| |White listed| Mature Staff | PvE |24/7|New ip

    Hello Panda, I have applied and cannot wait to join your server!
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    More news about FTB's Future. (Important announcement)

    This is AMAZING! I'm very happy to see that FTB is becoming so successful.