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  1. J

    Open Pam’s Harvestcraft not dropping seeds

    @Sundaysmile, I think you may have typo'd as your post doesn't make sense, you say the latest working version of PH for 1.10.2 is 1.10.2j, but then you go on to say we need to replace 1.10.2j with 1.9.4-1.10.2h? A little confused. Which version should be in mods folder for a 1.10.2 modpack?
  2. J

    1.0.0: Molten Thaumium missing

    Version: 1.0.0 What is the bug: Thaumium Tinker's parts exist in NEI but you can't make any of them because molten thaumium doesn't exist. Not sure if this is a bug or as intended. Mod & Version: log: Can it be repeated: Known Fix:
  3. J

    So... I have been playing on Direwolf20's modpack...

    I find when I play kitchen sink modpacks that if you focus on certain mods, they make most of the other mods obsolete. For example, if you spend a few hours on tinker's, you have the best tools in the game and there is no point in even trying to get any of the tools from other modpacks. If you...
  4. J

    FTB Departed Discussion

    The tricksters are infact a huge problem because they replicate. So if you don't kill them fast enough you end up with an overwhelming number of them. I had one spawn of theirs get so out of control I ended up killing like 50 of them and there were still dozens left so I just gave up and stopped...
  5. J

    Now Listed - Banished V 1.4.0 [Magic][Cave world][HQM][Combat][Survival]

    Can anyone tell me where do you find stuff such as netherack and ethereal wisps? The nether has been disabled correct? I have traveled far and wide, up, down, and sideways and have yet to see a single one of these types of items. I can't even start the thaumcraft line of quests until I find a...
  6. J

    Now Listed - Banished V 1.4.0 [Magic][Cave world][HQM][Combat][Survival]

    Um every time I die my stuff is just thrown all about on the ground and usually multiple items disappear even if I cheat and teleport immediately to where I die. Lost all of my botania items on my last death, ring of magnetism, aura ring, sash of the soujourner, etc...I had just barely made it...
  7. J

    Now Listed - Banished V 1.4.0 [Magic][Cave world][HQM][Combat][Survival]

    Guardian chest is complete garbage, it has only worked for me like 1 time out of 10 deaths. Why even bother having it in the pack? Please put in openblocks gravestone, or anything that works better than GC, (which would be anything). I've never had openblocks gravestone fail on me in like a 100...
  8. J

    [Listed] 1.7.10 - Simply Magic [HQM][Magic][Light][Tutorial-Themed]

    Is there supposed to be some type of thing to save your inventory on death? I see guardian chests and openblocks grave=true and yet everytime I die my shit gets thrown all over the place. What gives? In other modpacks I've never had openblocks gravestone fail on me. On the other hand guardian...
  9. J

    Newbie Suggestions/Help Please

    Make sure you tell the launcher in the java settings to allocate 4gigs of Ram. By default it's set to something like 1 gig. This is absolutely necessary to change in order to play the big packs. Also, consider adding in optifine. It's supposed to work wonders for fps lag, although it does cause...
  10. J

    My Regrowth Base - can you help me with a problem I have?

    I found watching let's play videos gave me plenty of ideas of what to work on. Maybe you should try playing multiplayer? Have any friends you can make a server with? There's no real point to MC other than to derp around and see what crazy stuff you can build and check out the millions of crazy mods.
  11. J

    Newbie Suggestions/Help Please

    Well I've been trying out a lot of different modpacks and they seem to be divided into either of these types: everything including the kitchen sink / Tech based / magic based (and in general RPG style)/ much more difficult (like waaaaay more difficult). FTB Inifinity & Direwolf20 packs are the...
  12. J

    Open 1.1.0: Not so much a bug as a broken recipe for MFR laser focuses

    Yes I followed the recipe exactly. I made ceramic dye, which creates stained glass (MFR), but the MFR stained glass ALWAYS makes Minecraft stained glass panels which I think is the actual problem since the final stage of the recipe calls for a MFR stained glass panel. I just tested it again and...
  13. J

    Open 1.1.0: Not so much a bug as a broken recipe for MFR laser focuses

    Version: Minecraft version 1.7.10 What is the bug: The MFR mining laser focus recipes don't work because they require an MFR stained glass panel in the middle and you can only craft Minecraft stained glass panels. You can go into creative mode and grab the laser focuses but that is kind of...
  14. J

    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    There is an item in the Extra Utilities mod called "Advanced Item Filter" and I can't find any documentation anywhere on the web as to how to use it. According to FTB wiki and Technic wiki, the item doesn't even exist. Even on the mod creator's post over at it is not listed as...
  15. J

    What Pack would you recommend? Been away from the game for a while

    I'm fairly new to MC, but ftb infinity seems to have it all: tech, magic, tons of useful little mods for every thing you can imagine. I've probably put 50+ hours into my infinity game and barely scratched the surface of the content in that modpack. It has been getting progressively laggier...
  16. J

    Strange bugged zone on FTB Horizons game

    Hi all I just started a new game on FTB Horizons: Daybreaker and on my first day of playing I discovered this weird bugged area of the map underground where my movement speed slows down and if I jump it causes me to bounce as if there is a block right above my head but there is at least 2 blocks...
  17. J

    Is there a way to make an FTB modpack launchable from default MC launcher?

    My internet connection was down the other day and I was bummed I couldn't play my FTB infinity sp game because the FTB launcher basically won't even run without an internet connection. I think ideally there would be the ability to use the FTB launcher offline. But barring that, is it possible to...
  18. J

    What use is there for biogas cells? (IC2)

    Ok thanks for the replies guys, I'll try the suggestions! I'm playing the infinity modpack atm.
  19. J

    What use is there for biogas cells? (IC2)

    So I made a large batch of biogas...and there was much more than the machine could hold so I canned most of it. I have like 50 biogas cells now...and I just realized there seems to be NO USE for them....I can't find a way to get the biogas out of the cells into my jetpack, which is why I made...
  20. J

    [LISTED][1.7.10]BlastOff! [Hardcore/EasyCore, HQM][170++Quests] version 1.3.3STABLE

    Is there a way to start a new game in survival mode rather than hardcore? Every new world I create is in hardcore by default...I don't want to play hardcore and I screwed the survival world a bit and want to start over.