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    FEAR THE BEAST FTB SURVIVAL / Whitelist / No stealing or Griefing - ENFORCED

    IGN: magby17 Age: 16 :/ Do you have any experience with the FTB modpack?: Yes I have been playing FTB Beta A for a few weeks now and I do have some prior experience from just playing with mods with friends. What do you look for in a server?: Not too big, but not too small of a community, no...
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    Private Pack ShadowRealm | ShadowRealm pack 1.0.6 (request for thread lock)

    IGN: magby17 Age: I am 15 years old Minecraft experience: I've played Minecraft since alpha. 9 weeks of FTB experience. Average behaviour and goal on server: My goal on the server is to build cool places and get quantum suit and get all the achivements. Also state that you have read and accept...