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    Whitelist Server NoobGamers|Monster|1.1.2|Mature|Friendly|No Banned Items|TS3|Dedicated|24/7|PvP/PvE|

    IGN:Robbyrobson Age:19 Country:Germany What do you like about modded minecraft?:More stuff to do :D Have you been banned? If so, why?: No
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    Whitelist Server EU.Craft - Direwolf20 1.0.23 | Whitelist | New World | Mature 17+

    IGN:RobbyRobson Age:19 Location i.e us, uk, france, etc.: Germany, Soest Why should we white list you: Im fairly experienced with modded mc and im a nice guy to hang out with. I tried 2 Servers in the past week but one was in the us (450ping) and the other one's admin is just soo inactive its...
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    Whitelist Server VanityMC | Direwolf20 | Whitelisted | Grief Prevention | Mature | Events | Parkour | TS3 | No Lag

    In Game Name:Robbyrobson Age: 19 Country: Germany New to mods: No About yourself: I was searching for a good server :D and i think i got one :D Will you be on our teamspeak?: I could, but i dont think so :D
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    Whitelist Server OperationCraft|Monster 1.1.2|Whitelist|16G Dedicated|Close community|BoP,Bloodmagic|Teamspeak,Forum|

    Username: Robbyrobson Age: 19 Location: Germany Why you want to join: Want a good server :D Favorite mod:Thermal Expansion What is rule # 6 automated mining only in the deep dark How much experience do you have in Monster? I have a lot of experiance with modded minecraft.