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    [1.6.4] Cataclysm ModPack [HardCore, Post-Apocalyptic Survival]

    Yeah, you could suggest it to them and maybe they'll add it in a future update, unless it's been abandoned or the only updates they do is minor bug fixes. Other than that, it's quite an interesting idea you're pitching.
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    [1.6.4] Cataclysm ModPack [HardCore, Post-Apocalyptic Survival]

    Quite an interesting conflict, though it might be because the sperate mod developers weren't planning for their mods to be used in tandem with other environmental mods, I could be wrong but it's always a possibility.
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    Whitelist Server DolorCraft |V.1.1.1 |Whitelist | GregTech | Mature Fun Environment | No Banned Items | Dedicated 8GB

    Name: Aizen2256 Age: 15 Reason for request: tired of single player and pocket edition. Also looking for a server that isn't full of d*ks who grief everyone "just cause." Type of minecrafter: major architect with obsession over applied energistics.
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    Whitelist Server New Crazycraft | Unhinged 1.1.0 | 20 Slots | EU |

    Aizen2256 15 USA Imaginative builder(mostly in creative). I can copy with near perfect accuracy patterns/designs (if needed). I can help with organization, farming, etc... and often go spelunking, so I'll be able to retrieve many resources from caves.(basically, I'll be the helping hand) Some...
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    [1.6.4] Cataclysm ModPack [HardCore, Post-Apocalyptic Survival]

    Maybe you could add either randomly spawning books with "logs" from people who were alive before the 'player' arrives; or a quest that entails finding such logs. it adds a more post-apocalyptic feel to a single player game; just an idea for a quest on the server.