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    Mod Suggestions for 1.6

    Old thread: Template (Copy and paste into post) -- Mod Name : Link to Mod: Version : Reason(s): -- Rules: 1. Must follow template. (Other comments will get deleted). 2. Must be for 1.6.2 (and forge compatible) 3. Please...
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    Convert 1.5.x Texture Pack to 1.6 Resource Pack.

    While I was looking around since I'm making a pack for a friend and found a converter from 1.5 to 1.6 and is really handly. 1.5 > 1.6 Texture to Resouce Pack - If you have a texture back before 1.5 you will need to use -...
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    Disable Comments on News threads.

    It's been a while and I have missed things in the news section thinking it's just someone commenting on it. Idea is disable comments on any thread made in News section ( ) If comments are needed on said topic then make a thread in FTB general chat...
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    (Request) Custom Skin

    I have been with Minecraft for 1 year and have been using random skins from websites. BUT! This is going to change and i need your help. I will be leaving this thread open for a while and want some awesome skin makers to come forward and make my next skin. I want it to be out there and...
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    Minecraft songs

    So I was relaxing after a day out and surfing youtube and came a long 2 hour video that has 50 minecraft songs. Worth watching. (if you go to youtube there is a skip to song list under the video ;) Have you got any Minecraft music videos you like to share? List of songs.
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    Solved headings

    This idea will help both Tech Support(if opened again) and Server Tech Support if possible. Give the OP user/global mods/forum mods the permission to add a prefix like heading to the thread. Current status : (drop down) Problem - Problem is still happening and needs Tech Support still...
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    What OS?

    This thread is to see what OS people are running FTB on. Post format : I'm running (OS). Posts don't need why or how come one is better. Just what OS. Rules. 1. Posts will be deleted without warning if they break post format. 2. There should be no reason for you to quote someone else. 3...
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    Minecraft 1.4.4

    FTB launcher will not update you to 1.4.4 since the mods in the pack have not been updated for it. Any tech support threads asking why Minecraft isn't 1.4.4 yet will be deleted.
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    Spoiler - BBcode

    I was wondering if there is a reason for being disabled/not added to the forum. The reason i ask is due to scroll through a page of error logs that can be shown/hidden by a button if they use the spoiler bbcode. Can also come in handle while talking in other forum sections such as other...
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    (WoW) World of Warcraft

    I'm amazed that this thread hasn't started yet. So here it is the World of Warcraft thread. I know some of the FTB Team plays(played) World of Warcraft so who else out there plays? I have played for 3 years joined in mid Wrath. Breaking a break since the FTB launcher has hit =) I play a DK...
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    The Lawbroken.

    I thought it was time to re-write my introduction since some things have changed since then and now. My name is Law or Lawbroken, I have been living in Australia for my 22 years that I have been alive, I have moved about 4 or 5 times can’t remember off the top of my head. In my spare time by...