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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Thanks guys, didn't expect that many answers :) Good to know that paper binding weakens the tool, still I am too used to it as it makes modifying it much less of a pain :)
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Hello guys, I didn't play for a while, hence the question: What is the best combination of TiC materials currently for: - a pickaxe - a hammer / excavator - a longsword Thanks in advance.
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    How do some of you play this game without breaks?

    I am having exactly the same issue as you, every now and then I get to play Minecraft once again, I get bored very quickly (week of playing or so). I can't find a point to build any complex stuff, since there is no need when my AE or barrels are full of this and that, my energy supplies surpass...
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    Whitelist Server Stonecraft: FTB Monster 1.1.1 (Whitelisted)(UK Hosting)(18+)

    Age (18+): 21, 20, 20 IGN: Evilek, Demolka, 6ixpack FTB experience: We are familiar with FTB since 1.2.5 times (we miss Equivalent Exchange :P), we are mostly tech builders - IC2, TE, AE, LP, CC. Why you would like to play on our server: Since our last server (Project Dinamo) got closed, we...
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    Whitelist Server Monster 1.1.2 | Fresh Server | Dedicated | 12 player limit

    IGN: Evilek, 6ixpack, Demolka Age: 21, 20, 20 respectively Why: We are a group of experienced, mature and friendly players looking for a new server since our last server we played on got closed (Project Dinamo). We are looking for a fresh server to start our adventure. Hope to see you there.
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    Whitelist Server BSOD Direwolf20 1.7.10 32gig (no banned items) Teamspeak.

    IGN: Evilek Age: 21 Location i.e us, uk, france, etc.: Poland why should we whitelist you: I am an experienced FTB player playing since 1.2.5, know most of mods. My favourites are AE, LP, TE, BC, IC2, TiC. I am looking for a small community server where I can settle down and build what comes...
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    Whitelist Server Project Dinamo [Monster 1.1.2][Whitelist][15 slots][No bans][18 +]

    Minecraft username: Evilek, Demolka, 6ixpack, Kocyk_ Age: 22, 20, 19, 18 respectively Location and GMT: Poland ---------------------- Have you been banned from other Minecraft servers, if yes, why?: No, we have not Why would you like to join?: We are looking for a stable, european server to play...
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    Not so weekly news

    So, there won't be any update to the existing 1.6 packs? (the bold text)
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    Starting over or waiting for 1.7 packs to come?

    Thanks, good to hear some technical stuff, that convinced me to stay with 1.6.4 since things are so unstable on 1.7. I am a fan of Resonant Rise btw, keep up the great work :) Yep, I am aware of it but as in any early, in-dev pack, it lacks some crucial mods to begin with so I'd rather stick...
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    Starting over or waiting for 1.7 packs to come?

    Hey there, I used to play 1.5.2 and 1.6.4 packs quite a lot, I usually get bored after a month of playing and I start over with a new world but it is fine for me. Since I heard about ongoing 1.7 packs development, I'm quite concerned whether should I start a new world with Monster pack (I missed...
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    Whitelist Server nFernalGaming | Monster 1.0.11 | Whitelist | Dedicated | Mumble

    Okay thanks, apparently it was my bad thinking that server got updated :)
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    Whitelist Server nFernalGaming | Monster 1.0.11 | Whitelist | Dedicated | Mumble

    Sorry that my post is a bit out of topic... After updating to 1.0.10, I am having a problem connecting the server, it says I am missing a few microblocks, could you help me guys? Regards
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    Whitelist Server nFernalGaming | Monster 1.0.11 | Whitelist | Dedicated | Mumble

    1. In-Game (MC) Name: Evilek 2. Age: 22 3. How many times have you been banned? Not even once 4. What is your favorite book and why would you recommend it? I don't usually read books but if I did, it would be Lord of the Rings. I enjoyed the movie very much and the book is probably more...
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    So as compensation to all forum users. (Mod Pack Mod List - New Feature Pack)

    No Ars Magica 2, Ender IO, Factorization, Solars, Extra bees and trees, Open Blocks and Peripherals, Logistics Pipes??? How could you miss such obvious mods, especially in a pack that is supposed to be a Unleashed replacement? I am moving to Resonant Rise for good now, sadly Unleashed times...
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    FTB Horizons - General Feedback Thread

    I hope that Horizons pack is only considered as a sample of what will we see in upcoming mod packs. I cannot imagine playing without BC and IC2 and I look forward to have ALL the mods, both the new and old ones within one, large modpack!
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    A few Horizons questions

    My question: WHERE IS THE NEW IC2? ...
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    Any good free games?

    If "No More Room in Hell" is the game you mean, then yeah, you are absolutely right. It is downloadable via Steam, great FPS survival game.
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    Great launcher, I love it. The interface is clear and intuitive, also there are many features which FTB is missing so far, such as Instances. As for today, the modpacks are definitely superior to the FTB or Technic. I hope that FTB catches up soon :)