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    Request FTB Infinity Server on Linux

    Shameless plug: If you know how to use Docker, you can greatly simplify your life by using a Docker Image of FTB Infinity. Instructions can be found here: Alright, I will sit in a corner now...
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    Open 1.0.2: Opening inventory crashes the client

    Version: 1.0.2 What is the bug: This seems to only happen when playing on a server. On single player, it works fine. After logging in, even if you let a few minutes pass, the client will crash if you open your inventory. I've also tried this on 1.1.0, and it crashes as well. Mod & Version...
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    Deploying Minecraft Servers using Docker

    What is Docker? From their site: Long story short, Docker is like a VM. Without the fat. Your app runs on its own world like a VM. Unlike a VM, everything runs directly on the hardware, with negligible impact on performance and memory consumption. Getting started For production use, Docker...
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    Update on the Future of FTB Modpacks in 1.7

    Mekanism does output RF natively with the current version. Universal cables are now used to convert RF to other power systems. All its power generators and energy cubes output RF instead of UE. From my understanding, it was the author's decision to drop UE in favor of RF.
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    AE Molecular Assembler Chamber

    My rule of thumb is to have 1 CPU per Pattern Provider. Sounds expensive, but it really helps in complex recipes. And I'm pretty sure by that time, you have the resources for this.
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    How to prevent oak trees from destroying nearby blocks?

    As much as I want to provide a screenshot, I don't have access to my machine. The processing facility has 2 floors, and is quite big due to 6 36HP boilers running the whole thing (not to mention that they follow the terrain). That facility is beside 4 15x15 MFR farms. My first build was mostly...
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    How to prevent oak trees from destroying nearby blocks?

    I'll try that, though they might get broken by adjacent oak trees. I don't want to limit the height of the entire farm. It'll reduce sapling yields.
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    How to prevent oak trees from destroying nearby blocks?

    I could do that, but for practical reasons, the farm is too big and too complex to move. I'm already thinking of using MFFS. Or maybe warded blocks. Would those work?
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    How to prevent oak trees from destroying nearby blocks?

    I've been trying to get info about this, but am having a hard time. Might as well ask it here. I play Unleashed, and I have a MFR oak tree farm, which I use to power my entire base. Now, my processing facility (made out of stone bricks) is about 3 blocks away from the borders of the tree farm...
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    pick up quarry?

    True that. I miss my Chunkinator. :(
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    Should My Friend choose Windows 8 or Windows 7

    It was meant to be a joke (and it's an old joke we've been using among my circle of friends). No need to be serious. LOL Back on topic: Lawbroken has a point. If you absolutely need the latest features of Windows (like DirectX), then by all means, go use Windows 8. For the most part, stick...
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    Should My Friend choose Windows 8 or Windows 7

    Windows 7 is an upgrade from Windows 8. Same deal with how Windows XP was an upgrade from Windows Vista.
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    Soldiers and Minecraft

    Go to your FTB launcher, select the modpack you wish to use, and download the server from there. Unzip to your preferred location, and look for the .bat file. That should start the server with a basic configuration.
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    Whats the least "cheaty" engine to run

    Railcraft steam boilers fed by a tree farm (either ethanol or charcoal). Renewable energy right there.
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    I know I'm probably beating a dead horse here but.. Dartcraft.

    Vajra is the most powerful tool you can craft as part of the Gravisuit mod. With it, you can break almost anything (except bedrock, warded stone, force fields) with one hit. You can even silk-touch any block by right-clicking. Most mobs will also die in 1 hit (endermen in 2 hits). It does...
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    I know I'm probably beating a dead horse here but.. Dartcraft.

    There are actually people (like me) who love the "overpowered" stuff. Not because it makes the game easy: it opens the game for new possibilities. We can argue all day that the Vajra is truly overpowered once you have the right gear to support it. But try making a 500x500 block structure over a...
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    Mac Console - High CPU usage due to "Error in class 'SourceLWJGL OpenAL'" Messages

    I'm not sure where to post this, so please feel free to move this to the appropriate forum when needed. I play on a server, and I've been getting high CPU and very slow gameplay with FTB Unleashed. After investigating for a bit, I found that my local JVM processes for Minecraft and the Console...
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    Call to Arms: WASD vs ESDF

    I started using ESDF back when I was actively playing Quake 2. I use it primarily because my left pinky has a hard time reaching the Ctrl key, and I rebind that to Shift. For me, one major advantage of ESDF over WASD is that it's very natural for a touch typist. The fingers of your left hand...
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    Unleashed: End Game Project Recommendations

    Make a futuristic base! Switch armors like Iron Man, and launch yourself out of your base with a retractable linear catapult. Made this kind of setup on creative. I'm excited to implement this on my server.
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    [Applied Energistics] Randomly stops autocrafting? [SOLVED]

    If your AE network changes (adding/removing a cable is one good example), any autocrafting is stopped. Possible causes for AE network changes are: Unloaded chunk that's part of the AE network Dark cables Low power Adding/removing recipes from the MAC or any interface (sometimes)