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    Whitelist Server New Dawn [ FTB Direwolf20 v1.7.10 (whitelisted) | 24/7 | +16 | Space Limited ]

    IGN: Seb677 Skype?: renegademessiah Age: 18 Reason of joining: I like multiplayer, and I like friendly people. Do you agree to the terms and rules?: Yes, I do. Time Zone: Eastern Standard. (US) Creativity 1-10: 8 Mod Knowledge 1-10:7 (I specialize more in magic and tinkering.) FUN LEVEL 1-10: 7...
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    Whitelist Server Unleash The Panda|Unleashed v1.1.3|Whitelisted|Small Comunity|Dedicated Server|Fiber Optics Internet

    Hello! Unsure if you're still taking applications, but I figured I'd try. - Your name: Seb677, but other places I go by RenegadeMessiah - Your play style: I like building things and experimenting with stuff. Mainly, I like to concentrate on magic, adventuring, and town/house building. I have a...
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    Help with Modpack Creation?

    This may be the wrong area to post this in, but I figure someone might be able to help. I'm looking for help compiling together mods for a modpack I'm trying to get submitted. Maybe someone here knows of a video I can watch, or someone has experienced doing it so they can help me? If I'm in the...
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    Return Of The Roleplay Server!

    I'm not sure if you posted which Hosting company you use, but I know I use MCProHosting for my server, and it works wonders. Never goes down, so its nice, and adding in files is easypeasy. granted, setting up FTB is a pain at first, but after that, its smooth sailing. I dig Genitrix and Terra...
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    Return Of The Roleplay Server!

    In reference to the time era thing, I think if we end up living in a city, it should all be the same style. Otherwise, it just looks odd and unnatural. But if you're on your own, do yo own groovethang, gurrl.
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    Return Of The Roleplay Server!

    Maybe we could continue meeting as a group to rp and bond. maybe start playing together but stick close to spawn? maybe a practice world.
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    Return Of The Roleplay Server!

    Midway/hard is the best way in my opinion. Start off easily and move into the harder stuff as you get to higher levels. also, You dont NEED to kill the dragon to make an Ender Farm. it's pretty easy, really, when thought about. What Redweevil said is right.
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    Casual Server TLSPulse|Private 1.5.2 CLOSED! look for the new version in the near future

    that's fine. I'm sure ill catch people around eventually. :)
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    Casual Server TLSPulse|Private 1.5.2 CLOSED! look for the new version in the near future

    Seb677 17 Atlanta, Georgia, United States Once, for misunderstanding the rules and cleaning up an already griefed area. I'm looking for a good, small server to join with people who come on often enough. Thaumcraft3 and Forestry are my specialties.
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    Server Crashes when Started Up

    My Server crashed mysteriously yesterday night, when I tried to restart it, it would continually give me the same error. I thought it had to do with the Twilight Forest, but after deleting it, it still wouldnt start. Anyone know anything about this problem? Included is the Crash Report.
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    32x Faithful 32x32 Pack

    The Tower Keys from Twilight Forest are untextured, I believe.
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    DarkUSA's FTB Server | [1.4.2] FTB BETA Pack A | Whitelist

    In-Game Name: Seb677 Age: 17 Minecraft and Mod experience: I've had Minecraft for a year or so, never did much mod adventures before Feed the Beast, but I've been slowly learning it. What you like to do best in Minecraft: I like building fashionable things. I like to think they make an...
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    Feed The Beast [FTB Beta Pack A][1.4.2][Recorded][White-listed]

    Hello, my In-game Name is seb677. I like long walks on the beach and star-lit nights. But really, I'm 17 years old, and I'm looking for a good server to settle on with some friends. I'm a pretty decent builder in terms of fashionable-ness as well as organization. I'm slowly learing IC2 and I'm...