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    [1.7.10] Flux Galaxy - A Space-Based MagiTech Modpack

    BTW we are still playing on 7.13....
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    [1.7.10] Flux Galaxy - A Space-Based MagiTech Modpack

    Hi guys, what would you recommend for villager spawning? is there something else then vanilla mechanics?
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    [1.7.10] Flux Galaxy - A Space-Based MagiTech Modpack

    Well i am into forestry, and i want to store my excess ethanol and other stuff. However i agree that in most cases drum is enough :).
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    [1.7.10] Flux Galaxy - A Space-Based MagiTech Modpack

    What are the options for high volume liquid storage before AE2? Railcraft tanks?
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    Whitelist Server Globalcraft | Direwolf20 1.0.3 | All Mods Enabled | Whitelist | Mature | Small Community|

    What is your IGN (Case sensitive): hadrosak Age (Must be 18+) : 32 How long have you been playing Minecraft : MC from 1.2 (or 1.3?), modded MC since Tekkit and DW20 1.4.6 Do you accept the rules : Yes i do Where are you from? : Czech republic, central Europe How big is your knowledge of mods...
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    Whitelist Server O.D.G Craft| Direwolf 20 1.7 | Mature 18+ | Non PVP | Small White-listed | Dedicated Server

    IGN (In Game Name): Hadrosak Age: 31 A little about you and you Minecraft experience?: Started with vanilla MC 2 years ago, played Tekkit and FTB since 1.4.6. Do you have Teamspeak3: Yes i do (not a native speaker but i use English on daily basis) Have you read and understood the rules?: Yes...
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    Whitelist Server Skyward Gaming | 1.7.10 Direwolf20 | Dedicated 24/7 Uptime | 18+ No Drama

    IGN: Hadrosak Age: 31 Experience with FTB/Modded Minecraft: Playing modded MC since first Tekkit, playing FTB DW since 1.4 Playstyle: Rails/exploration/farming What is your favorite mod?: Forestry/TE What is the main rule?: Use Common sense!