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    Whitelist Server Minecraft Gamers/New Direwolf20/24-7/v1.2.1/Whitelist/PvE/TS3

    not sure if you were still looking for people to join but thought id toss my hat into the ring. 1 In game name: CoffeeTableOG 2 Age: 23 3 will you use the TS3 (not required but inuraged): yea, sure. 4 how much will you play: decent amount. 5 are you willing to obey the rules: with out a doubt
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    Whitelist Server|MindCrack[LATEST]|Whitelist|3GB VPS Box

    IGN: CoffeeTableOG Age: 20 Reason for joining: looking for a new small, whitelist server. and looking to make some friends and enjoy some minecraft. Experience: i would say i have a medium level of experience at FTB. i know a couple of things and the things i don't know i either can look at the...
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    Whitelist Server Noobtators|v8|15 Slots|TS3

    IGN:CoffeeTableOG Age: 20 Skill/Knowledge level on FTB: i would say i'm a noob. i've been playing FTB MindCrack for maybe 2 months. i've been following several Let's Plays in order to learn more about it. i know some of the things work, but i can learn a lot more. Why you want to join our...
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    Whitelist Server The ASP Server | Mindcrack (v7) | Whitelisted | 24/7

    IGN: CoffeeTableOG Age: 20 XP with FTB: i just started playing minecraft a month or two ago. and a good friend told me about FTB and i really wanted to look into it, so i'd say i've played FTB for about 2 weeks. i know how most of the things work now. Why do you want to join the ASP...
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    Newbie In The House

    thanks for the warm-ish welcome. :P hopefully i get the hand of things, i have no idea what i'm doing :P
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    Newbie In The House

    Hello everyone, you can call me coffee. i've been playing vanilla minecraft for about 4 weeks and was told by a friend to get FTB. so i came by these forums to learn more about FTB without spend hours on end trying to figure it out in-game. :) glad to be here and hoping to have a lot of fun here.