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    Open Apiarist Trade Conflict

    Summary of the problem Apiarist Trade Conflict Pack Version 1.5.1 What is the bug? Apiarists do not have trades from forestry. They only trade items from immersive engineering. This makes it impossible to get some of the bees such as the monastic line. Mod & Version Forestry/Immersive...
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    Open Quantum Storage Unit Lag

    Summary of the problem Quantum Storage Unit Lag Pack Version 1.3.3 What is the bug? I have approximately 20 QSU placed in 2 rows, when I place 2 more rows of 8 the server lags up to 2 min for any action while in the vicinity. It does not effect the entire server. After breaking the new...
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    Open Crash on Reconnect

    Summary of the problem Crash on Reconnect Pack Version 1.2.0 What is the bug? Connect to a server, Disconnect, Reconnect, client will crash. Mod & Version Link to log file Is it repeatable? Known Fix
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    Open probably ID of almost every machine changed

    +1 also happened on my server, didnt notice for several days and now i can't go back as other players have been making progress :(