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    Whitelist Server Rock On Server Looking for new players{FTBUltimate}{Whitelist}18+

    In-Game Name: Southdude Age: 19 Country: US What you’re looking for in a server: Just a fun FTB server with a chill, active community Have you ever been banned? why? Never Do you understand the rules (Yes/No): Yes i do Pic(s) of anything awesome you've made (optional)
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    Whitelist Server HornCraft|Mindcrack v8.3.2|Skype|Whitelist| 10Spots |18+| Youtube

    IGN: Southdude Age: 19 YouTube Channel: I will stream on Twitch, and maybe make some short YT vids Why you would like to join: I just want to be a part of a chill community playing an awesome mod pack TimeZone: US EST Will you do group activites?: Yes of course :)