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    Whitelist Server Transferred | Infinity | 1.3.4 | Mature | Friendly | PVP/PVE |

    In Game Name: Oscaro947 Skype Name: oscar.0497 Age: 18 Mature?: I would say so Why Should you be accepted?: While I may not always be online due to school, I am a nice guy whom likes to do technological automation. I have no issues helping other, if so is requested. Plus, I am looking for a...
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    Whitelist Server KoozCraft [Community-based] | [PvE] | [18+] | [Dedicated Server] | [Fresh Map]

    MC Username: Oscaro947 Skype ID: oscar.0497 Age (18+): 18 Play Style (tech, magic, etc.): Mostly tech, some magic late-mid game Experience with mods: Long. Been playing with mods since the priginal release of IC1 About Yourself: A 18yo Scandinavian. Love to make unnecessarily complex...
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    Whitelist Server Directorate 2 - Small Server | Infinity 1.3.4 | Whitelisted

    IGN: Oscaro947 IRL: Oscar (suprise) Play a reasonable amount, but more so in weekends due to school. Location would be Norwegian. Hope to see you in game :)
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    Whitelist Server Nightfury's Direwolf 1.7 1.01 EU Server|Towny|Essentials|LWC BETA SERVER!

    1.) IGN: Oscaro947 2.) Age: 18 3.) How long have you been playing Minecraft: Since Beta 1.5 4.) Why do you want to join our server and what you wanna build: I am looking for a (reasonably) stable server. That said, I generally like to build minimalistic factories/automation.
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    Whitelist Server O.D.G Craft| Direwolf 20 1.7 | Mature 18+ | Non PVP | Small White-listed | Dedicated Server

    IGN: Oscaro947 Age: 18 A little about you and you Minecraft experience?: I have played minecraft since Beta 1.4 and modded minecraft since Beta 1.6. I have a decent uncerstanding with most of the mods, having used some of them from their original launch. Do you have Teamspeak3: Yes. And...
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    Whitelist Server Empyrean DireWolf20 1.7 | Minimum Plugins | No griefing | No banned Items

    IGN: Oscaro947 Age: 18 Why would you like to join?: I am looking for an online community to play with as I find it more fun to play with others What do you feel you could contribute to the server: I have a decent experience with most of the modss, having played modded minecrfat since Beta 1.6...
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    Whitelist Server Rene8888's Unstable|FTB Unstable 1.0.8|Whitelist|Europe|Teamspeak

    Sent an application. Hope to talk to you soon ;)
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    Whitelist Server OkamiCraft|DW20 modpack| 20 tps Stable... >18, last reset(11/13/2014)

    In-Game Name: Oscaro947 How old are you? 18 Where are you from (City, State or Country)? Norway What are you looking for in this server? A serve4r where I can have casual fun with nice people. How active are you? Depends on reallife, but as much as possible within reason. Do you agree to the...
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    Whitelist Server Direwolf20 1.6.4 (v1.0.23) | Whitelist | Community | New World 6/19

    IGN: Oscaro947 Age: 17 Do I accept the rules: Yes
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    Whitelist Server Heart Craft -1.6.4 Direwolf20 - Whitelisted |18+| Mature Community | 24/7 |New Map

    IGN : Oscaro947 AGE : 17 Skype : Private How Long have you been playing Minecraft FTB? : Since release How much time will you be able to spend on the server? : Depends on how much schoolwork/homework i have. Mostly I'll be playing in the weekends. Will you be able to get along with people in the...
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    Whitelist Server Direwolf20 1.6.4 Server WHITELISTED

    Name: Oscar Skype name: oscar.0497 Minecraft name: Oscaro947 FTB/Mod experience: I have been playing and using mods since the original release of IC1 and BC1. My use of mods have expanded since then. I currently have a decent understanidng of most of the mods in the pack. Hobbies: Coding, judo...
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    Whitelist Server Assembly Required |Direwolf20 v1.0.18 |Mindcrack Style | Whitelist | 24/7 | PVE | Mature

    Any updates on the server? I still cant access. Is it still due to work or is it a issue on my side?
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    Whitelist Server Assembly Required |Direwolf20 v1.0.18 |Mindcrack Style | Whitelist | 24/7 | PVE | Mature

    Name: Oscar IGN: Oscaro947 Age: 17 Location: Norway Do you have a skype? yes; oscar.0497 How many hours a day do you play/Activity: It really depends on how much homework I have to do. Usually weekdays 0-4 and weekends 2-6 Experience with Minecraft/FTB: Had Minecraft since early Beta. Have been...
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    Unsupported FTB TechWorld 2 - 1.6.4 {PUBLIC BETA} Bug Reports

    Mod Pack: FTBTech World 2 [1.0.5] Mod & Version: Steve's Carts 2 [2.0.0.b1] & Reactorcraft Pastebin link to crash log: Whats the bug? The recipe for ironwheels and the wooden rotor is the same, hence you can only craft one of them. In my case it is the wooden rotor from rotarycraft. Can it be...
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    Casual Server Aurora 24/7 FTB Unleashed V1.1.4 [Greylist] [Lockette] [Essentials] [PEX] [MyTown]

    I have found a possible issue. Because we cant use lava-buckets we cant use the smeltery. Could you please fix this?
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    Casual Server Aurora 24/7 FTB Unleashed V1.1.4 [Greylist] [Lockette] [Essentials] [PEX] [MyTown]

    Username: Oscaro947 Age: 16 Location: Norway Why you want to join: My old server became far too unstable and laggy to have any fun, and since SSP gets boring fast I'm looking for a new server. Suggestions: Hmmm... Not quite sure. IF I ever manage to finish my mod, you could try it out ^^ How...
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    Whitelist Server The Bears Domain | FTB Unleashed | Whitelist | 20 SLot | Mature 16+

    IGN: Oscaro947 Age (Take in mind we are looking for 16+): 16 Location: Norway Experience with the mods in the pack: I have been using most of the mods since they originally came out. I have been using mods for nearly two years. What can you contribute to our server?: I am a good engineer. My...
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    Whitelist Server Automation Inc. | Unleased | 1.5.2 | Whitelist | PVE | Mature 18+ | TS3 | Extra mods | Multi-server

    Minecraft user name: Oscaro947 Age: 16 ( I know I am a bit young) Past experience: I have been playing Mincraft since early Beta, and FTB since launch. I have in addition also been using mods for the last 2 years. Reasons why you want to join: I am looking for an updated server with a mature and...
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    Private Pack FTB Ultimate + Logistic Pipes - No Lag... Quarry... RP bores... everything is enabled.. no LAG

    IGN: Oscaro947 Age: 16 Banned? Y/N: No Other Information: I'm looking for a quiet server with a nice and mature community to make a Let's Play on