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    A couple things.

    What an odd request... what part of the spoiler would be colored? The text in the spoiler box? The background? I don't even know what you want.
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    Unplayable 1.10.2 mods

    Have you tried giving it more ram? I know 4 is the magic number for 1.7.10 but im under the impression that's a different story for 1.10+
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    Mystcraft and your opinion

    Necro aside, this is the first time I've seen a complaint that wasn't balance or performance based. Well done! That being said the modder probably know this. The books you use are actually called linking books. The vernacular you hear being used is probably sourced from players. The mod itself...
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    Is Modded Minecraft going to stay in 1.7 forever?

    I dunno, I'm finding 1.10 to have more than enough content. The mod pack "All the Mods" while it has a lot of questionable mod choices it has enough content for me.
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    URGENT!! I accidently remove one of the mods (SF 2.5) I need a version for the mod!

    How do you accidentally delete a mod with Curse? It locks it's mods in you have to purposely unlock it. Unless you are planning on jumping on a server just use the latest version compatible with your pack.
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    Looking for a server i can swear and be an adult in.

    Seriously I don't have a clue what liberal means anymore... Just stay away from large networks, they tend to try and be as "inclusive" as possible. Which means you will be searching for a while. Mod Edit: Language
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    [0.12.0] 1.7.10: Technomancy Discussion Thread

    I'd ask if there's any plans for 1.10.2 but not even Thaumcraft is there yet.
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    Magma there a better alternative?

    Was MFR even a thing back then? This could have even been pre RF days.
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    Why no fast leaf decay?

    It caused horrific lag, they didn't use the good leave decay mod. Also Vazkii doesn't develop Botania anymore.
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    Request Unstable 1.10 no edgy enough

    Agreed, FTB is being out shone by third party operators. "All the mods" is leaps and bounds in front of Unstable of course there are some questionable addions and clearly unfinished mod (better agriculture), also using a version of Mekanism not compiled by Aiden is questionable. But they are...
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    Recommendations on How to Get More Serious Players?

    You can host your own pack it just takes a lot of marketing and perhaps using a launcher like ATL or the Curse launcher. People don't like typing in codes in to the FTB launcher unless they are trying to play a really popular third party pack.
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    I've noticed something...

    What other tech mods are in sky factory? I know EIO has it's own creative cell.
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    Noob question

    Not sure what you are asking for here. Or what you are talking about. By definition you can't have mods on vanilla server as it's no longer vanilla.
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    A Quick Question

    Such an idea would be remarkably pointless but I wish you luck in finding such a server. I do know that computer craft servers are a thing so I guess it's not that outlandish. But most FTB packs are created for building machines with purpose in mind. Then again there is a host of esthetic mods...
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    AE2 and the mystery of the vanishing buckets!

    You can also use a cyclic assembler. Fill it up with a fluid and it will craft recipies that needs a bucket of the fluid without the fluid. I used it to make Pam's salt and fresh water when fresh water stopped yielding 4 per craft. There's also a MFR version that does the same thing. Of...
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    Immersive Steam Powered Rails

    Flaxbeard has a jetpack mod for it's exosuit, it does eat up all your steam though. The jump mod and glider mod are much better for long distance travel. I kinda think flight is too convenient. It's handy for building to hover though but it still cheapens survival building. I tend to get...
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    Besides MC, what have you been playing lately?

    I wish we where in a time where we had computers that could handle a larger game world. Besieged would be awesome on a larger scale in a sandbox. Medeival engineers gets close but tyat game by virtue performs pretty bad when your creations get big.
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    Are Dimension Mods Client Side mods?

    Actually if the mod adds an asset or class that's not vanilla that needs it's states validated by the server.
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    Server is working, Cannot Acess

    The server and client don't match. You or the server are missing mods that need to share data between them.
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    NuclearCraft - A Modern Physics Mod

    Tesla sounds like RF only with bigger numbers. Unless I'm wrong integer data types have a max number they can reach. Longs iirc can get much bigger. Essentially an int is 32 bit long is 64 or something like that. What happens to Tesla if RF starts to use longs though?