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    Salmon's Beast Server

    IGN: xXVboyXx Age: 20 What your expecting from the server: Lag Free :D Do you agree to the rules?: Yes!!
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    The.Factory |FTB Beta Pack A|Whitelist| PvE, Small, No Grief, Friendly,

    IGN:xXVboyXx Have you read and accept to obey the rules?:Yes Have you been banned before?:yes(because the admin hate me D:) IF so, why and how many times?:1 Why should you be whitelisted?:because this server looks awesome i want play :D
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    Mien Kraft | [1.4.2] FTB Beta-A | Whitelist | Survival | Mature

    1. Username: xXVboyXx 2. Age:20 3. Whats your favorite Mod? Thaumcraft 3 =x 4. Why would you like to join our server? this server looks cool wanna try it out~ 5. What could you bring to the server i am good in IC2 (maybe) i can teach other~
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    AppleCraft - FTB |FTB Beta-A 1.4.2|Whitelist or |No PvP - Creeper Explosions Off

    IGN - xXVboyXx Age - 20 FTB Experience - experience~ Have you ever been banned? - yes Why Were you banned? - that admin hate me @@ Why Do you want to be part of AppleCraft? - Because this server looks cool, gonna try it out~~
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    EzeriaCraft |FTB Beta Pack A v1.04|Open-Beta|

    yes is it, i think it crash ~
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    JetCraft [1.04] [OPEN] [Protection]

    so no more JetCraft?
  7. X | Premium FTB Server

    IGN: xXVboyXx Where you heard about the server: FTB server Why you would like to play on the server: This server sound cool im going to try it :D If you have any bans on record: Yes, but its long time ago, that Admin hate me and banned me ... What can you bring to the community: im good in IC I...
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    JetCraft [1.04] [OPEN] [Protection]

    its back ~~ xyrohip i think i want move my house D:
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    TripleNation |FTB 1.0.1 pack A|White list|

    not whitelist yet 2 times already i reported @@
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    mcWiredcraft [1.4.2] Whitelist

    IGN: xXVboyXx Age:20 Did you even more?: Y
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    Tech-Galore|FTB Beta Pack A 1.4.2|Whitelist

    IGN: xXVboyXx Age: 20 What mod do you have most experience with: IC2,Forestry and mystcraft Why should you be allowed to join the server: I want to have fun with others guy :D In your opinion, what is the most important rule from above: No griefing. Because at previous server someone grief me...
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    JetCraft [1.04] [OPEN] [Protection]

    Dee even i have protect my house by using region... but someone grief my house he took all my machine, would you able to check the log and ban that guy?
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    DiamondFTB[PvE][Whitelist][Basic][Brand New]

    it say haven't been whitelist @@
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    DiamondFTB[PvE][Whitelist][Basic][Brand New]

    Whitelist application: IGN: xXVboyXx Can you follow the rules? yes Have you ever been banned? yes, but it is one year ago( the admin hate me) Can you be a regular player(0.5-2 hours/day)? 2+ maybe Are you going to make Youtube videos?no
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    TripleNation |FTB 1.0.1 pack A|White list|

    IGN: xXVboyXx 16+ Age?:Y/N Yes 20 Agree to the rules?:Y/N Yes A bit of info about you.: I play MC, Tekkit but i am new to FTB.