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    Whitelist Server Mindburst | {whitelisted} | 10 slots | Mindcrack |

    IGN: Alchao Why would you like to join the server?: I'm interested in joining and improving a community and simply make friends and have fun How long have you been playing minecraft mods?: I've been playing the FTB mod ever since it became popular and I have become more knowledgeable of it. How...
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    Whitelist Server [1.4.6]|{InfinityMC}|Mindcrack|Whitelist|100 Slots 8gb Ram|New Server!

    Ingame Name: Alchao Age: 13 (I'm way more mature than it seems) Mod Experience: I know about the big mods, but I'm not all technical about them. I don't know how to write them, but I sure do love playing them About Yourself: I'm 13, and I'm about to be 14. I love minecraft and have gotten my...
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    Whitelist Server NOM Gaming | Mature | Bukkit | PvE | Small Community | 20 Slots | Vent | Staffed

    Name: Noel IGN: Alchao Age: 13 Describe your minecraft history: I started playing Minecraft about a year ago and I started feed the beast a few months ago and I have grown to love the modpack. How do you wish to contribute to the community?: I want to make the community closer and make friends...
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    My IG Name is: Alchao I have never been banned, but there may be one time where it said I was, but I contacted the support and they said it was a mistake. I won't grief because I want to join a community and friendly server, not a PvP. And I will be friendly. That's my purpose of joining this server
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    Hey!! I'm interested in the server

    Hey!! I'm interested in the server
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    NewCraft|White listed|Dw20 modpack|

    MC Username: Alchao Age: 14 Any knowledge of the mods in this pack, if yes which ones: Not much info on one Are you mature: Yes, and I don't want to play with immature people. But I do like fun people:) Have you ever been ban before, if so for what: Nope! Do you understand the rules: Yes What do...