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    Problem Direwolf20 1.18 AE2 P2P Tunnels losing channels on world reload.

    Every time I load up my single player world all but one (the closest to the controller) of my output p2p tunnels have to be picked up, replaced, and then re-linked. TOP says they are online and linked but none of the channels are going through them. At least they added colored memory cards that...
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    FTB Direwolf 20 1.18 release

    Why is powdered snow disabled in this pack and is it able to be enabled in a config file?
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    DW20 Replacing yellorium with uranium doesn't work unless you fully replace it

    So Extreme Reactors now has fluid fuels and to make one of the new fluid fuels (Verderium) it requires you to combine Yellorium and Blutonium in the multiblock fluidizer, but this is impossible since there is no yellorite ore generated in the world. Currently the only way I have found around it...
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    Open Botania Recessive Sparks not working correctly

    Summary of the problem Botania Recessive Sparks not working correctly Pack Version 1.3.0 What is the bug? Botania sparks with a recessive augment are supposed to distribute all the mana from their pool to all the other sparks yet my recessive spark is only picking one pool (at random) and...
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    Open Forestry bees are not producing their specialty / secondary

    It's the bees from the More Bees mod there is some info on the wiki for the mod
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    Open (1.8.1) Can't craft Railcraft electric locomotive

    Summary of the problem (1.8.1) Can't craft Railcraft electric locomotive Pack Version 1.5.3 What is the bug? The recipe for the Railcraft Electric Locomotive requires Railcraft steel gears but the only steel gears that are craftable are the thermal foundation ones and they do not work in...
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    Open Beacon primary power randomly switched to Radiation

    Summary of the problem Beacon primary power randomly switched to Radiation Pack Version 1.1.0 What is the bug? This was a weird thing I set up 4 beacons around my Blood Magic altar using Dark Steel blocks as the base. Then logged off the server shortly after. When I logged back in a few...
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    Open Thermal Expansion machines lose upgrades and reset configuration

    I had this happen to me on the server I play on, but the difference was my redstone furnace reset when i picked it up and placed it again. It was resonant with 2 of the secondary reception coil augments in it, after picking it up using the crescent hammer and placing it again it was back to...
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    Open Ender IO Inventory Panel showing Double item count

    I had the same issue on Sky Factory 3 only on the server I was playing on, I went with the assumption that it was a Sponge issue cause it caused a lot of issues on the server i played on that didn't occur in singleplayer
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    Closed Thermal expansion machines become invisible

    Issue has been fixed with Thermal Expansion
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    Open Redwood won't grow

    Yeah I spent a lot of time sieving topiary grass to get enough saplings only to discover this myself. Wanted to make the giant redwood the center of my island.
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    Open Redwood won't grow

    I've seen on the Natura GitHub the developer said redwoods aren't implemented yet in 1.10
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    Open Processing of Draconium Ore

    I use Refined Storage for this. A constructor placing the blocks onto a destructor with fortune III upgrade, it yields much more than processing through a Sag Mill or crusher would.
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    Open Chisel a block of glass

    In world chiseling isn't implemented in 1.10 yet IIRC
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    Open only getting the one seed back Mystal agriculture (not sure if bug)

    Maybe would be nice if they added a crafting recipe for a blank tier 1 mob chunk, by the time you kill enough of a mob to get a decent size farm for that mob you don't need the farm cause you already got a ton of the drops. This would make it still not game breaking cause for higher tier mobs...
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    Closed Leaving Island deactivates Blood Magic rituals (Solved)

    Yes if the chunk is unloaded it won't continue to work but I've never had the issue of having to use LP again to re-activate it when the chunk is loaded. I think I solved the issue. The ritual was crossing chunk borders, after moving it all inside on chunk the issue seems to have disappeared. I...
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    Closed Leaving Island deactivates Blood Magic rituals (Solved)

    Summary of the problem Leaving Island deactivates Blood Magic rituals Pack Version 3.0.4 What is the bug? Anytime I log off or leave my island to go to another dimension or another players island, when I come back I have to re-activate my Blood Magic rituals which is costing me a lot of LP...
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    Closed Ore excavation tosses items several chunks away

    Not sure if it's related to the server I've been playing on cause I haven't seen them go as far in singleplayer and there have been some other weird server only bugs me and other players ran into.
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    Closed Ore excavation tosses items several chunks away

    Summary of the problem Ore excavation tosses items several chunks away Pack Version 3.0.0 What is the bug? I will use the ore excavation on a whole stack of cobble with a hammer and only get one gravel then several chunks away will find the rest of the gravel more often not find it though...
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    Open Ritual Tinkerer from Blood Magic not working to define area on SMP

    Summary of the problem Ritual Tinkerer from Blood Magic not working to define area on SMP Pack Version 1.1.4 What is the bug? When I right click the Master Ritual Stone with the ritual tinkerer it gives me the message about what i am defining the area for. But when I try to right click the...