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    Creating New FTB Team: Positions Open

    Thaumcraft Quest Title: Discovering your cupboard under the stairs. Description: To get started with the arts of magic, you will need to create your very first wand. Instructions: Make 2 iron caps from 5 nuggets each. these seem to have some magical potential in them. Once created, use...
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    Whitelist Server Piece Meal [24/7][dedicated][16+][ultimate][creeperhost]

    Honestly, I don't mind if i don't get in, but if i don't, (which I'd really like to :P), could you please tell me? thanks.
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    Whitelist Server Piece Meal [24/7][dedicated][16+][ultimate][creeperhost]

    Name-FPheadshot Age-15 I want to join because solo FTB is too quiet and i like being with people :) I like FTB because theres so much to do and everything is automated :D I have a good eye for fashion so i could help pretty up spawn, and i also could help people keep thier homes safe with the...