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    Closed No alumite

    I will look for sharpening kit in the future, but i really liked the EFLN too. You need 1 gunpowder and flint to make the explosive, and then throw at first cobalt you find. After that you can craft cobalt pick and you're set.
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    Closed No alumite

    I know, i've used alumite in dozens of packs before. I only use default configs and mods of DW pack, alumite just isn't there.
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    Closed No alumite

    Summary of the problem No alumite Pack Version 1.7.0 What is the bug? Ardite requires cobalt level pickaxe, but as far as i can see with JEI, only cobalt and ardite pickaxe heads make that high. Alumite can't be alloyed and ingot doesn't exist. Steel, bronze etc have only obsidian mining...
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    Closed So many bugs

    Yeah i think the nether portal thing was related to "can't break blocks"-bug. It fixed itself for me somehow (relates to FTButils permissions) Dire should update XU2, it would fix a bug where seeing an item model of an...
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    Closed So many bugs

    Can someone test if their nether portals are working in multiplayer? Didn't work for me but did for friend, logs said nothing at all at the time. We both had server OP rights.
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    Solved Can't breaking objects

    I can't even cut tall grass with hand when in or outside our chunkloaded area. Server's spawn protection is set to 0, and i have OP rights on it. Also if i place a torch anywhere i can't dig it away. It pops out only if i dig the block it stands on.
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    Open Server crashing on start

    Summary of the problem Server crashing on start Pack Version 1.0.0 What is the bug? [16:14:43] [Server Watchdog/FATAL]: A single server tick took 60.29 seconds (should be max 0.05) [16:14:43] [Server Watchdog/FATAL]: Considering it to be crashed, server will forcibly shutdown. Mod & Version...
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    Request Factorio Mod

    I keep coming back to this question, and glad that someone asked it first. I enjoy Factorio greatly and this kind of mod would be a godsent. Powercreep would be a good thing once again, and we would have use for all the quarried resources. Use of Tesseract would become less. Let me explain that...
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    Mod Feedback [1.7.10] RFDrills - for all of your mining needs!

    What's the crafting recipe for Dark soularium ingot, it's not telling in NEI? Only one is that 9 nuggets make ingot, and 1 ingot back into nuggets recipe loop. Based on github comments on similar things i suspect we have too new EnderIO-1.7.10- I could add minetweak recipe if i...
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    Draconium Ore and CoFH not compatible?

    Here is the correct script if anyone is interested, just change cluster numbers lower. Had them high to see that the script works. It will spawn in all dimensions if used like this. DraconicEvolution.json file: { "Draconium": { "template": "uniform", "block"...
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    Open 2.2.2: Turtles uncraftable.

    There is also a equip command in the console, without entering lua mode. It was something like "equip 1 right" to get item from first slot.
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    Open 2.3.3: Script errors when removing Biomes O Plenty

    Version: 2.3.3 What is the bug: When i disable Biomes O Plenty from server and client, there are errors show in chat, about "flesh" something. Also it causes side-effects like in expert mode oak wood crafts into 4 planks and 2 planks into 4 sticks. Mod & Version:
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    Closed 1.0.0: [2.0.2] FTB Utilities Backup Failure

    Is there anything else important in FTBUtilities? If not, i could just remove it from mods and put AromaBackup in place. That mod has never failed me yet. I didn't find any config for FTBUtilities to disable backups. [09:58:00] [Thread-27/INFO]: ºdStarting server backup, expect lag! [09:58:00]...
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    Updating server and clients help?

    It is packmaker's error that update notifications are still enabled, you should always ignore them (And also modmakers error for making the notifications enabled by default). If you want to update a single mod it's extremely simple. Download new version and put it in the mods\ folder, then...
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    [1.7.10][Cauldron][1.8] Tick Dynamic - Keep your server running at 20 TPS

    Are you able to report what entities or tile-entities would lag most? Opis isn't reliable on 1.7.10 and we lack the tools to debug. If we knew, we could get to the bottom of the core issues and report lag problems to mod authors.
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    Java 8 support

    Indeed i posted that long time ago. 1.6.4 packs and older may still experience issues with Java 8, but 1.7.10 is ok.
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    1.0.3: BM Sigil of the Dome doesn't exist

    Appears it's been renamed into Sigil of Supression now.
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    1.0.3: Ender IO Item Conduits not taking filters

    Are you in bat morph? I mean there could be a bug where EnderIO thinks you are slightly too far away from the conduit than is needed to interact with its UI.
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    1.0.3: Texture Bugs when using Optifine

    You should try other versions of Optifine, it still does have alot bigger effect on performance than fastcraft. It says in the site that Ultra versions are the least compatible with mods, so try something like HD Standard or even Light.
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    1.0.3: 1.0.3 IC2 cables no longer connecting to machines

    From the 1.0.3 changelog: Removed Enet Bridge That mod was responsible of converting between RF and EU, but it's removed on purpose. Possibly caused lag. You can still use other methods like MFR's Rednet energy...