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    [1.10.2] Sprout

    Ok, might be being daft here, but there's a lot of mention of a blacksmith, only I've never seen any. I've seen villages with smithys (I'm assuming that's what the hammer over the door is), but they're always uninhabited. Am I missing something? I've found a bunch of villages, and quite a few...
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    Updating modpack, does it delete added mods?

    Afaik, that's because the update process is basically remove this folder, extract this file. More advanced stuff was planned for v2, which is now muddled.
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    Whats wrong here, help please

    Ok, first off what pack are you playing? Can't do much without that. The ore gen is typically handled by COFH, which might be conflicting with other generation mods.
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    Bug Problems with modpacks, Java, and Antivirus

    AVs should have three main activities on discovery of things: 1. Notify. This is basically for things of low risk, or high false positive rate. It should pop up and say something along the lines of "This thing is acting weird, is it something you know about, or do you want me to escalate it?"...
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    I did say that it was for when you have to learn about things. If you know what you're doing, then that's fine, but if you've got to learn the principles of a mod or two first, then that's going to take more time and effort. There are additional bits for things like Thaumcraft, where you have to...
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    Efficiency is fluid, depending on your needs. As far as initial setup cost goes, mining by hand is the most efficient. (turtles arguably in there, too). Turtles come into play if you want to include your time into the equation. Ender Quarries save you from those nasty world holes. Digital...
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    What cool little thing have you discovered today?

    No. My comment was on the difficulty difference between "normal" and "easy". Normal reuires more work, but you're less likely to screw yourself with overspending of points. Easy is a click-and-play mechanic, but you rarely have enough points for everything, so you end yp with gaps in your knowledge.
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    What cool little thing have you discovered today?

    My main issue with TC4.1's system is that it's two-fold repetition. You have to scan items in the world and do the minigame to get to the end, neither of which are spectacularly engaging beyond the first few tries. Plus the "easy" mode isn't really balanced to the aspects available (which made...
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    If you could add one thing to any mod...?

    Could be an interesting Thaumcraft "Hardcore" if nodes drew blocks from their environment to recharge, rather than doing it naturally, with slowly decreasing efficiency, degenerating to the point where they eventually become hungry nodes. Would add some level of effort to the later games when...
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    Thaumcraft warded blocks...

    There's not really anything that can be done about that. The teleportation mechanic basically says "move from X to Y", and there's no check of anything inbetween. I think MFFS is the only thing that polices a given area inside a structure. For specific player detection, I think that there's an...
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    World transfer

    If it's a different pack (i.e. the DW20 MC1.6 (season 6) and DW20 MC 1.7 (season 7)), then it's tricky, as there are major mod list changes, you'll end up with holes in the world, and things mismatched. If it's simply a different version of the same pack (as I think it may be), then you just...
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    Easy way to automate AE2 Inscribers?

    I'd go with the EnderIO method. It's simple, easy, and you can automate it long before you actually get to the point of ME crafting, at which time, one interface is all you need to sort it.
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    If you could add one thing to any mod...?

    Oooooh boy, this'll be fun. For the record, while there is a lot that Greg adds, it also creates a lot of issues. The matter has been debated many-a-time, and will probably only be avoided this time due to the current row about channels in AE2.
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    If you could add one thing to any mod...?

    I think that the main point is that all it does is allow the use of storage elements in the nested network, there's no crafting or exporting that can be done, it's not a full-featured system by any stretch of the imagination. So, if you want, say, to have an MFR network to supply farm-like...
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    Are there standard containers that can open if a solid block is on top?

    Also, I believe that ender-chests allow the opening when blocked.
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    Fast movement/travel options in Infinity

    Could have changed in the long time since I last pushed that far in IC2, but I was always under the impression that the different Q-suit pieces give different things, the helmet is basically infinite air (possibly hunger, too), the leggings were speed, the boots were fall damage and jumping, and...
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    Fast movement/travel options in Infinity

    First off, the quantum suit does not allow flying, that's the purpose of the gravisuit. The teleporter is actually quite good for short-range hops, but takes an ungodly amount of power for much more. Back in 1.2.5, I made a group of telepads in a 3x3 shape, with HV solar panels in the...
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    Why AE2 feels punishing (the Certus Quartz need)

    Personally, I quite like the balance mechanisms in place. There's the thing that you can't really do anything until you have found the inscription templates and charged certus quartz. By that time, I usually fin that I've got a decent stock of quartz, and the other materials to build a...
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    Suggetions For Infinity

    I think, generally, it's a case of "I have found this mod, but it's not part of my favourite pack, if it were, all my friends and people would be enjoying the same goodness", while not necessarily thinking about the work required to curate the packs. It's not really a bad thing, and is overall...
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    Base design question...

    Depends largely on what mods you are putting in. Thaumcraft is slightly purple, and fairly light to my mind. Blood magic is red (obviously), but dark, and mixed with browns. Botania is kind of green, but I'd probably characterise it as more blue. Industrialcraft is off-white. Thermal...