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    AGE: (how old you are, we would like mature people that are here to have fun and enjoy the game) 15 HAVE YOU EVER BEEN BANNED FROM A SERVER: (please tell us if you have ever been banned from a server and the reason why) Yes , got misunderstood WHY YOU WANT TO PLAY WITH S!K NAT!ON: (please be...
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    CheeseMonkey's MindCrack Server [1.4.6 MindCrack][White List]

    Ingame Name: Eugenez90 Age: 14 Skype: Eugenez90 Why you want to join: Finding a whitelisted server with a friendly community
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    CoffeeneCraft -Mindcrack pack

    Ign:Eugenez90 Age:14 Reason:Finding a stable server with a friendly community
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    [1.4.2] RippleCraft PvP/Survival/24/7/ No lag /Teamspeak/[New]

    well im still not on whitelist.. and btw the link u posted doesn't work , no permisison to view
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    FutureCraft|Latest FTB|Whitelist| Small Skype server! Read for more info!

    IGN: Eugenez90 Skype [required, it's easy to create an account]: Eugenez90 Experience with FTB/Tekkit: More exprience with tekkit , but there seems to be more people here and less griefing because of EE so im here :) Age: 14
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    BlockLabs (13+) | Mindcrack V7 | Whitelisted | Mature 13+ | PVE |15 Slots | 24/7 |

    IGN: Eugenez90 Age: 14 Skype: Eugenez90 Why would you like to join the server?: Finding a more protected server with a better community Youtube Channel: Bobnpie Have you had any past experience with whitelisted servers: Yes , sadly most of them became inactive so im finding newer ones with less...