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    [1.7.10] Material Energy^4

    How did you create the Tuopa sapling? I don´t know how to get "hilburnium" since NEI is not showing how to get it. And therefore i can´t craft it in Minechem.
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    Disabling Timer clicking sound

    Thanks, the config doesn`t seem to work, but the muffler was a good idea.
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    Disabling Timer clicking sound

    Hi I'm always using timers, but the clicking sound is quite noisy, especially when you use lots of them. Does anyone know where I can turn it off? It says ingame that the times is from the mod ProjRed|Integration and I looked in the config file of "ProjectRed" and set the sound to false(In the...
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    Unsupported Monster 1.6.4 Bug Reports

    Mod Pack: Monster Mod & Version: Thermal Expansion Whats the bug? When I cook up a Silver Ore from Thermal Expansion in a Slag Furnace, it becomes a Lead Ingot instead of a Silver Ingot. Can it be repeated? Yes