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    Whitelist Server 24/7 TS3 MWServer small Australian DW20 whitelisted server

    IGN:The_Dumb_Otter Age: 15 Location: Perth, Australia Looking for a fast server with a good community becauase those don't come around often when you live in Australia!
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    Whitelist Server [1.6.4] Tech World 2 [No-Plugins][No Banned Items][New Map][Apply Now!]

    gn(In game name): The_Dumb_Otter Skype(Optional):luke.k09 Where are you from?: Australia How long have you played FTB? since alpha What do you like to do mostly in FTB(Example:Miner, Engineer, Builder, etc): Builder We may add a few mods of our own, are you okay with this?: Great I love the idea...